Hollow Knight Boss List


Nosk (Optional)

Venturing deeper into the Deepnest, we come across Nosk. Nosk is an optional boss fight but worth the trouble as he guards a Pale Ore. Basically there are a few attacks Nosk uses. He will charge across the room, jump, throw goo, and attack when you get to close. I found if I hide beside the raised platform I could heal relatively easy and miss most of his attacks.

Kingdom’s Edge

Hornet (Again)

See first Hornet fight (very similar fight).

God Tamer (Coliseum 3rd challenge)

God Tamer is a boss fight at the very end of the third challenge in the Coliseum. I have been having absolutely horrendous frames in this area so the idea of me completing it in the near future is slim. Instead I have linked a video of Rangris absolutely embarrassing this boss with a no hit run. Enjoy.

Queen’s Garden

Traitor Lord

Inside the Queen’s Garden is the Traitor Lord boss. This boss starts out as simply a room with two enemies in it. After killing these enemies, the Traitor Lord appears to fight. Traitor Lord appears to have a small pool of health as the fight did not take very long. Like other bosses, Traitor Lord has a lunge, plunge, and swipe attack. My approach was simply to tank the damage while doing as much as I could. When healing is needed, simply put as much space between you as possible.


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  1. Lorneus says:

    For the mini bosses, what about the annoying teleporting samurai? I know there are only 4 instances you can fight him and two of them seem pretty much boss-like to me…

  2. J says:

    Yes I can confirm you need both Zote and Bretta.

  3. death says:

    thanks this really helped me

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