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Image showing Vincent leaning against his LSPD cruiser in GTA Online.

As of today’s reset on February 22nd, GTA Online has added an exciting new side mission arc featuring Vincent. In this fresh narrative, players are enlisted to aid Vincent in cracking a significant case for the LSPD, where he currently serves following his dismissal as the head of security at The Diamond Casino & Resort. To aid Vincent you must complete a number of tasks. To learn more about these tasks see our complete GTA Online Vincent case guide below.

As of the March 7th update this Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid is available for players to complete.

Vincent Calls the Player in Free Roam to Meet at Vespucci Beach

Vincent calling the player in Free Roam in GTA Online.
Vincent will call you in Free Roam to tell you to meet with him.

To begin the Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid storyline, start by logging into GTA Online. Once in the game, navigate to Free Roam mode in either a public or private lobby. Exit any buildings you may be in within the lobby and await Vincent’s call. Once you receive Vincent’s call, a “V” marker will appear on your map at the Vespucci Police Station.

When you are ready to proceed with the storyline, head to the “V” on your map. Make your way to the northside of the police station and enter the yellow quest circle. Interact with the circle to open the mission screen for the first mission called Slush Fund (Vincent).

Note: Both the heist setups and the heist itself can be completed solo or with a group. If you are running it solo I recommend using an armored vehicle as your main source of transport. Something like the Kuruma (Armored) works well to easily keep you alive during driving sections.

Complete Heist Setups To Unlock the Finale

List of GTA Online Cluckin' Bell Farm Raid Heist Setups and Finale missions shown in-game.
There are four heist setups to complete before the finale.

Upon completion of the Slush Fund mission for Vincent, you are prompted to return to the police station. Once back at the station, you need to complete four setups followed by the heist finale. The setups you must complete are:

  1. Breaking and Entering
  2. Concealed Weapons
  3. Hit and Run
  4. Disorganized Crime

Like previous heists each setup mission focuses on acquiring certain items to help you complete the heist itself. Each little setup takes roughly 10-15 minutes to complete and contains choices to make as to which items you will acquire.

Complete the Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid

Once you’ve completed all four of the heist setups, you are then able to initiate the Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid. This heist can be completed in two ways: Stealthy or Aggressive.

Regardless of your approach, you need to search the farm for Cocaine, collect it, and then steal money from a locked safe in the manager’s office. Once you’ve completed these objectives, you will then leave the farm and use your getaway car to return the stolen goods to Vincent’s lockup.

Upon returning the stolen goods, you will have successfully completed the Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid. Subsequently, it enters a 45-minute cooldown period and can be restarted again from the Vespucci Beach Police Station.

The Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid Rewards & Unlocks

Completing The Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid unlocks a variety of rewards for players. Some of these rewards are unlocked the first time you complete the raid while others are received each time you do it. The rewards you get are:


  • $GTA500,000

First Completion Unlocks

  • Strapz Bandana
  • Strapz Cap
  • Cluckin’ Bell Outfit
  • Benson (Cluckin’ Bell) price reduction
  • Gauntlet Interceptor price reduction

Whether or not completing this heist is worth the effort is largely up to you as a player. It is nice that it is fairly easy to complete as a solo player but the payout is lower than other heists you could complete in the same amount of time.

As of the release of the Bottom Dollar Bounties update, Vincent Case now offers players police work. To learn more about this work and how you can do it see our Dispatch Work guide.

Thoughts on our GTA Online Vincent case guide? Drop them in the comments below.



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