Fortnite x Jumpman Collaboration Releases with Downtown Drop LTM

Yesterday we highlighted a tease for what appeared to be a Fortnite x Jordan collaboration. This tease showed a couple of images of skins as well as a line to essentially tune in tomorrow (which is now today). Early this morning Fortnite revealed the crossover. As of now the Fortnite x Jumpman collaboration is live along with the release of the Downtown Drop LTM.

Fortnite x Jordan Collaboration

Image of the new Grind skin in Fortnite.

Image of the new Clutch skin in Fortnite

The Fortnite x Jumpman collaboration consists of two skins for purchase called Grind and Clutch. Both these skins can be purchased by buying the Hang Time Bundle. As you will notice each skin is wearing streetwear emblazoned with the iconic Jumpman logo as well as the upcoming Nike Sb x Air Jordan 1 sneakers on their feet. Each skin has multiple styles to unlock by completing challenges. These styles change the colors of the skins. Purchasing the Hang Time Bundle will set you back 1800 V-Bucks.

Downtown Drop LTM

Image showing the Fortnite x Jumpman Downtown Drop LTM.
Image vie Epic/Fortnite.

The new Fortnite x Jumpman collaboration is part of the new Downtown Drop LTM. This mode has the following description:

Show off your moves in the Downtown Drop LTM by Jordan featuring Creative artists NotNellaf & Tollmolia. Launch off massive jumps, grind down city streets and collect coins to win! #FortniteXJumpman

All players will have the chance to jump into The Downtown Drop LTM and complete free challenges to unlock the Back Board Back Bling and it’s additional nine style variants. If you own the Hang Time set, you’ll have access to more challenges to unlock additional rewards including styles for the Grind and Clutch outfits as well as two unique sprays.


The new mode challenges players with running down a steep incline, collecting coins, avoiding obstacles, and reaching the finish line. The player with the most points wins!

What do you think of the Fortnite x Jumpman collaboration? Let me know in The Pit below.


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