Fortnite Downtown Drop Trickjumps Guide

There are a number of challenges related to the new Fortnite Downtown Drop LTM. These challenges can be completed to unlock new Back Board designs. Use our Fortnite Downtown Drop trickjumps guide, to complete the challenge.

Note: You only need one of the following trickjumps to complete the challenge.

Train Trickjump Location

Image showing the location of the Train trickjump in Fortnite.

The first trickjump is located on the starting hill. Jump off the middle platform and make your way over the raised train platform. Completing this trickjump will unlock the challenge.

Fence Trickjump Location

Image showing the Fence trickjump location.

After the train trickjump there is another trickjump located on the fence of the basketball court at the bottom of the first hill. Use the ramp nearby to launch up to the fence to get the trickjump unlocked.

Crane Trickjump Location

Image showing the Crane trickjump location.

The crane trick jump is located on the right side of the final hill. There is a crane truck located here with a ramp near it. Use the ramp to launch up to the crane to get the Crane trickjump.

For hitting any of the trickjump above, the player unlocks the Kevin Back Board design. Check out more Downtown Drop LTM guides: where to find Jonesy, where to find all letters, and where to dance between Taco Trucks.

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