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Once you complete the boathouse in Deadly Premonition 2 A Blessing in Disguise you will advance to the fourth episode of the main story. This episode takes place in 2019 and involves Francis and the agents. To help you complete this section of the game use our Episode 4 2019 Guide below.

Francis York Morgan in the Otherworld Again

At the end of Episode 3 2005 there is a short Otherworld sequence in Francis York Morgan is standing in an area hearing voices. In this sequence you can walk forward or simply stand still as the dialogue runs. At the end of the dialogue sequence you will encounter Forrest Kaysen. Francis will attempt to kill him, but will fail.

Episode 4 2019: Francis York Morgan to the Rescue

Image showing the Episode Completion screen for Episode 4 2019 in Deadly Premonition 2.

After the cutscene in the Otherworld you will return to York’s apartment. Francis is attempting to strangle Aaliyah who he seems to believe is Forrest Kaysen. Simon intervenes and the agents subdue Francis by tying him to a shelf. After this there is an interaction between the agents and Francis in which Aalyah says she is going to search the room.

  • Unconscious Zach.
  • Photo of Daniel.
  • Photo of Patricia (story selection).

Second round of inspecting selections:

  • Photo of Melvin (story selection).
  • Photo of Patricia (story selection).
  • Lise-esque doll (story selection).

Upon selection of the Lise-esque doll you will trigger a cutscene where Aaliyah inspects the bed. In the bed there is a small tree growing out of a dead mouse. After this discovery you will do some more inspecting.

  • Galena-esque doll.
  • Photo of Danial.
  • Strange Hunting Trophy (story selection).
  • Strange Hunting Trophy (story selection).
  • Up – Red Rope (story selection).

When you inspect the Red Rope you will turn on the light in the room. This causes a symbol to appear on the floor. Aaliyah and Simon will discuss the significance of the symbol and another round of inspecting will begin.

  • Photo of Daniel.
  • Right – Greenvale case files.
  • P.J.-esque Bear Head (story selection).
  • Lena-esque Bear Head (story selection).

Fifth round of inspecting:

  • Galena-esque doll.
  • Lise-esque doll (story selection).

When you finish this round of inspecting you will see Houngan. Houngan will speak to Francis York Morgan. During this sequence select Is Patricia still alive when prompted. After Houngan is done talking you will come to in the apartment as Simon gets a phone call. Long story short Avery has Patricia. Francis know where to find them, but you have a choice to make:

  • Left – Budding rat corpse.
  • Poised Aaliyah (story selection).
  • Frantic Simon (story selection).

Seventh round of inspecting:

  • Photo of Patricia.
  • Left – Lena-esque elk head.
  • Left – Lise-esque cloth doll (story selection).

Eighth round of inspecting:

  • Left – P.J.-esque Bear Head.
  • Suspicious Drum.
  • SR Wrapper (story selection).
  • Greenvale case files.
  • Photo of Melvin (story selection).
  • Poised Aaliyah (story selection).
  • Left – Galena-esque doll.
  • Photo of Melvin and Candy.
  • Red seeds on the wall (story selection).
  • Twinkle, next to Aaliyah (story selection).

The final selection in this sequence triggers a cutscene. During this cutscene Francis will get free and Simon will assist Francis to escape. Pizza will never betray him after all. Francis leaves the apartment and will start walking towards a light. At the end of the light you will transition to 5 hours later in Le Carre when M.65 begins.

M.65: The Final Battle

When you take control of Francis you will be inside the Cold Storage Warehouse in Le Carre. Immediately save then stock up on supplies from the vending machine and Toolbox like ammo (since Francis has nothing). When ready walk over to the portal and go into it.

Make your way through the first Otherworld section and defeat the enemies that are in your way. Reach the portal at the end and go through it to reach the hanging meat room. Head through the meat room and use the save next to the portal. Head through the portal.

Go through the next section and access the portal there. After this second portal you will reach the storage area of the building. Run to the elevator and go into the portal that is there. Make your way through this Otherworld section to reach the area you first met Avery at the start of the game. Save if needed then walk into the caged area. This completes M.65.

M.66 Puzzle Pieces

When you enter the caged area you will trigger Profiling. To complete your profile of this area you need to interact with the three inspection points. Once you’ve done this M.66 will complete. You will then see some Red Seeds on the ground nearby. Follow the seed trail to the portal.

M.67 Red Seeds

Follow the Red Seeds to the portal and go through it to reach another section of Otherworld. Complete this section to reach the final room before the boss fight. Save, load up on supplies, and head through the portal to complete M.67.

Episode 4 2019 Boss: Avery Smith

Image showing the Avery Smith boss in Deadly Premonition 2 A Blessing in Disguise.

Walk into the research facility and you will see Avery standing in the middle of the room. Go over to Avery to trigger a cutscene and then a boss fight.

Avery as a boss is a bit different than the previous fights we’ve done since it is an actually mobile enemy. The fight with Avery takes place over two forms that have three phases each. The first form features 10 ft tall Avery. In the first phase of this fight Avery will charge at you. Once you damage him to half he will start pounding the ground which release pockets of steam that damage you. In the final phase Avery gets a leap attack.

Once you defeat the first Avery form he will morph into a really tall child. In this form Avery takes low damage unless you hit his walkman/box thing on his chest. Avery will cover this box with his hands when moving around, but you can sprint towards and then away to bait out an attack where he moves his hands so you can shoot the box to deal critical damage.

Like the first form there are three phases in this fight. In the first phase Avery walks around the arena and attacks when you get close. In the second form Avery goes to the corner of the arena and grabs the barrels there to throw at you. The third phase is a collection of the attacks seen in phase 1+2.

Upon defeat of Avery walk forward to Patricia to trigger a cutscene. During the cutscene select Give him your hand when prompted. What follows is a timed Inspection so select the following:

  • Altar.
  • Patricia.
  • Saint Rouge Solution tank.
  • Aaliyah Davis.
  • Forrest Kaysen.

After this investigation and cutscene you will trigger another boss fight with Forrest Kaysen.

Episode 4 2019 Boss: Forrest Kaysen

Image showing the Forrest Kaysen boss in Deadly Premonition 2 A Blessing in Disguise.

The Forest Kaysen fight is fairly straightforward. Kaysen stands behind Aaliyah and uses her as his source of defense and damage. When you deal damage to Kaysen you will need to avoid shooting Aaliyah. This can be done easily when Kaysen jumps into the air or strafes away from Aaliyah. When you are not dealing damage to Kaysen you will need to dodge shots fired by Aaliyah which can be done fairly easily with dodge (RB while aiming).

At certain points in this fight you will trigger a QTE where you need to hit B. If done successfully you will throw the contract at Kaysen which deals high damage. Defeat the Kaysen boss fight to finish the game and trigger the final cutscene you will see that wraps the story up. Wait until the end of the credits for a couple of stingers then the game will officially end. If you wish to start the game on NG+ simply load the save with the Red Seeds on it.

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