Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Dryleaf Dane Quest Guide

Dryleaf Dane in Shadow of the Erdtree.

Dryleaf Dane is a unique NPC in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree. As a master of martial arts, Dane offers a brief but rewarding questline that players can undertake to gain some intriguing rewards. To assist you in completing this quest, we’ve prepared this comprehensive Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Dryleaf Dane quest guide with a few extra tips for added benefit.

Point of No Return: In the DLC, a pivotal story event ends many NPC questlines, including Dryleaf Dane’s. This event is the burning of the Sealing Tree at the Church of Bud, which can be done after defeating Messmer. Make sure to complete Dryleaf Dane’s quest before this point, as it cannot be finished afterward.

Step 1: Get the May the Best Win Gesture

To begin Dryleaf Dane’s quest, you need the gesture “May the Best Win” and the Monk’s Missive note. Both are found at the High Cross Site of Grace in the Scadu Altus area. Here’s how to get there:

  • Defeat Rellana, Twin Moon Knight in Castle Ensis.
  • Use the Spiritspring south of Fort Reprimand to reach the cliff.

Once at the High Cross Site of Grace, collect both items. Read the Monk’s Missive note, which says:

A letter bearing a terse message and an illustration of a monk, his hands held together. “Seek me to the east if you wish to pursue the way of the warrior. When you find me, you will challenge me to a bout. There is no need for words.

The Monk’s Missive note is crucial as it provides directions for finding Dryleaf Dane. The note indicates he is to the east, simplifying your search.

For more details on Dryleaf Dane, speak with Finger Knight Leda at the same location. Ask her about the silent monk, and she’ll provide insights, noting that he doesn’t speak to anyone.

Step 2: Use the May the Best Win Gesture on Dryleaf Dane and Defeat Him

Head east of the High Cross Site of Grace to the Moorth Ruins. Locate the Site of Grace here to find Dryleaf Dane. Use the May the Best Win gesture on Dryleaf Dane to travel to a new area and trigger a boss fight against him.

Defeat Dryleaf Dane in battle to exit the boss arena. Return to the Site of Grace where he was standing, and you’ll find a pile of items. Collect them to receive:

  • Dryleaf Arts (Weapon)
  • Dane’s Hat (Hat)

This officially ends the Dryleaf Dane questline, but there are additional secrets related to this character that you can uncover. These secrets are optional, but I’ve included them below for you.

Optional Step: Find the Rest of Dryleaf Dane’s Armor

After completing Dryleaf Dane’s questline, you will receive only his hat and his weapon as a reward. The rest of his armor can be found under a water at the bottom of the Recluses River in Scadu Altus (accessible through the coffin in Shadow Keep).

Once at the river go south along it until you reach a small waterfall towards the end. Underneath it sits a corpse where you can loot the remaining Dryleaf armor set pieces:

  • Dryleaf Robe
  • Dryleaf Arm Wraps
  • Dryleaf Cuissardes

Alternative Method: Once Dryleaf Dane’s questline is completed, he will disappear from your game temporarily. However, he reappears later when you reach the final Legacy Dungeon. During a significant battle with NPCs in this dungeon, he will be one of the participants. Defeat him during this encounter and loot his body to obtain a set of his armor.

Dryleaf Dane is just one of the many NPCs you can assist in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree. Explore our NPC guide for more useful tips and walkthroughs.

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