Elden Ring Champion’s Song Painting Guide

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In the northern section of the Altus Plateau there is a location called The Shaded Castle. This location is home to a number of items and a painting players can find. When you find the painting you unlock the Champion’s Song Painting side quest. This side quest tasks players with finding the painters location when they painted the picture. To help you complete this side quest use our Elden Ring Champion’s Song Painting guide below.

Where to Find the Champion’s Song Painting

Visit the northeastern corner of The Shaded Castle to find the painting.

To find the Champion’s Song Painting you want to make your way to The Shaded Castle in the Altus Palteau. This named location can be found in the northern portion of the region along the border with Mt Gelmir. It is the castle sitting in what looks like a green lake.

Once you are at the castle make your way to the northeastern ramparts. On the rampart there is a stone pillar leading down into the courtyard. Next to this pillar is a wood shack. Go into the wooden shack to find the painting. Interact with the painting to add it to you inventory.

Champion’s Song Painter Location

When you have the painting in your inventory you can look at it. This gives you a better look at the perspective/location we need to go to to find where the painter was. The painting shows a statue with a large mountain behind it.

To find the painter’s location head to marked on the map above to the west of the capital walls southeast of the Altus Tunnel. Sitting on the ridge looking west at the statue you will find the painter. When the painter disappears you can pick up the Harp Bow (weapon).

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