EA Teases Battlefield Reveal Event for May 23, Battle Royale Mode Coming?

Players of Battlefield 1 have recently solved a new Easter egg which appears to be tied into the revelation of Battlefield V. The discovery has led to a more official announcement out of EA which teases a Battlefield Reveal event for May 23.

The Easter egg which led to the discovery and announcement of the upcoming Battlefield reveal was discovered and posted to the site ResetEra. On the forums of ResetEra, members completed the Easter egg and discovered morse code which leads to this web page. The page itself is fairly sparse, with a simple blue background and May 23, 2018 written in the center.  Other things on the page include #Battlefield along with share buttons for Twitter and Facebook.

Battlefield Reveal Event

A new webpage has been discovered which points towards a Battlefield Reveal event on May 23.

Besides the URL, the Easter egg code also revealed a tiny bit more information about the reveal – “On May 23, Battlefield will never be the same.” What exactly this means remains to be seen, but chances are there is gonna a be some new wrinkle in the Battlefield formula with many expecting there will be an introduction of a Battle Royale element.

After news of the Battlefield reveal, comedian and The Daily Show host, Trevor Noah, announced on Twitter that he will be hosting the Battlefield Reveal event. Not much is shown in the announcement clip, but Noah does drink out of a mug with a ‘V’ on it, which seems to confirm that this will be for Battlefield V.

Keep it locked here for more information leading up to the Battlefield Reveal event as we head towards May 23.

Thoughts on the Battlefield Reveal Event? Where do you think Battlefield is headed? Let me know in The Pit below.


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