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In Doom Eternal there are collectibles for players to find in each of the story missions. These collectibles range from simple secrets to more beneficial items like upgrades and extra lives. Within each level you will want to find these collectibles if you are doing any sort of completionist run. To start off our collectibles hunt we will begin with the first misison of the game called Hell on Earth. Continue reading below for our Doom Eternal Hell on Earth collectibles guide.

All Hell on Earth Collectibles

The first mission you will play in Doom Eternal is called Hell on Earth. As the name of this mission suggests you are on Earth and you must fight demons (so classic Doom stuff). While fighting these demons you will want to be on the lookout for collectibles. In total there are 13 collectibles you can find during this mission. The collectibles in this mission are as follows:

  • 3x Modbot.
  • 6x Codex.
  • 3x Toys.
  • 1x Cheat Code.
  • 4x Extra Lives.

To help you find all of the collectibles use the video above by YouTuber PS4Trophies. In this video he lays out the locations of each and every one of the collectibles in Hell on Earth. After you’ve completed this mission you will head onto Exultia which has its own set of collectibles.

If you are wanting to unlock the trophies/achievements called Metal Head, Reforged the Genie Lamp, Playset Sold Separately, and If Only I Could Read… you will want to collect all of the collectibles listed above.

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