Devolver Digital MaxPass+ Game Announcements Rundown

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If the mainstream keynotes of E3 2021 aren’t your thing Devolver Digital breaks up the monotony with their key notes. Each year the event from the publisher gets more wacky, often times mocking the state of the industry. While the comedy may not be for everyone, the event does feature new game announcements. Below you will find our complete Devolver Digital MaxPass+ game announcements rundown.

Devolver Digital MaxPass+ Game Reveals List

On Saturday, June 12th, the Devolver Digital event blended comedy with game reveals, showcasing an array of titles such as Shadow Warrior 2, Trek to Yomi, Phantom Abyss, and several others. You can find the complete list in the table below.

Shadow Warrior 2 Opened with a new gameplay trailer for the first-person shooter Shadow Warrior 2. 2021 release date.
Trek to Yomi 2D, black and white, samurai title gameplay trailer. 2022 release window.
Phantom AbyssAsynchronous multiplayer game where you navigate a temple full of deadly traps. Can see other players attempting to avoid the traps while playing. June 22 Early Access release.
Wizard with a GunMultiplayer survival sandbox. Has a very Don’t Starve with guns vibe to it. 2022 release window.
Death’s DoorTop-down action title where you reap the souls of the dead as your day job.
InscryptionCard game meets horror game meets adventure game. 2021 release window. From the creator of Pony Island.
Tumble TimeMeme game that Devolver made for the show. Can be played at
Demon ThrottleA retro action-adventure title created in NES style. Only releasing on physical.

Every announcement from the Devolver Digital MaxPass+ event has been covered here. Check the links above to see all of the trailers for each announcement.

What did you think of the Devolver Digital MaxPass+ game reveals? Will you be getting any of the titles revealed? Sound off in the comments below.



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