Devil’s Quoits Standing Stones Solution – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

In the area of Glowecestrescire, England you will find the Devil’s Quoits Standing Stones. These standing stones are a puzzle you need to complete by lining up symbols to match the symbol on a small stone sign. Matching the stones up to recreate the symbol can be a bit of a hassle to complete. To help you solve these use our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Devil’s Quoits puzzle solution guide below.

Where to Find the Devil’s Quoits Standing Stones

Image showing where to find the Devil's Quoits Standing Stones.

The Devil’s Quoits stones can be found in the southeast corner of the Glowecestrescire area of England along the border with Hamtunscire. This location can be found on the map above. At the Standing Stones head to the center to find the symbol stone. Interact with it to hear Brendan of Clonfert speak. After this interaction make a note of the symbol you need to recreate to solve this standing stones puzzle.

How to Solve the Devil’s Quoits Standing Stones

Image showing the Devil's Quoits Standing Stones.

To solve the Devil’s Quoits stones puzzle head from the symbol stone and make your way southwest to the river there. Get onto a boat and position it so it is pointing back at the three Standing Stones at the center with the small exterior half-stone in your vision. Stand at the front of your boat and line up the symbols so they recreate the symbol from the symbol stone. Hold for a few seconds until it registers. This will complete the puzzle.

When you solve the Devil’s Quoits puzzle you will receive XP and +1 Glowecestrescire Mysteries. That’s all the rewards you get for completing this puzzle at this Standing Stones puzzle site. If you are going for 100% completion you will want to solve this standing stone puzzle as part of your general completion.

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