Destiny 2’s First Raid Power Range Revealed

Destiny 2 splash image.

Destiny 2 has been out since the beginning of September and many players are spending their time gearing for the upcoming raids. Before today, many players had been guessing where the raid’s Power range would fall, but now the first raid’s Power range has been revealed.

Destiny 2‘s Director, Luke Smith took to Twitter to announce that the first raid in Destiny 2 will have a Power range of 260-280. Besides the now revealed Power range, not much else is known about the upcoming Destiny 2 raid, besides the fact it is commonly being referred to as the ‘Leviathan Raid’. Players will be able to take on the ‘Leviathan Raid’ on September 13, at 10 am PDT.

Now that you know Destiny 2′s first raid Power range, will you be ready for the raid on September 13? Let me know in The Pit below.


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