Destiny 2: The Lie Quest Guide – How to Get Fellwinter’s Lie Shotgun

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With the conclusion of the Guardian Games players may be interested to know what’s next in Destiny 2. Well as of May 12th a popular weapon from Destiny has made a triumphant return. That’s right, Fellwinter’s Lie has been added to the game for players to earn by completing a new side quest. To help you complete this side quest use our The Lie quest guide below.

Guide Status: WIP.

How to Start The Fellwinter’s Lie Quest

Image showing where to start The Lie quest in Destiny 2.

After the reset on May 12th head to Ana on Mars in Braytech Futurescape, Hellas Basin. Speak to Ana to start The Lie quest. This quest requires completing the following steps below to get the shotgun:

  • Warmind Evaluation: As a Community complete Public Events on EDZ, Moon, and IO.

Complete Public Events on EDZ, Moon, and IO

The first quest step you receive from Ana is called Warmind Evaluation. To complete this quest step you (and the Destiny 2 community) will need to complete Seraph Tower Public Events on the EDZ, Moon, and IO. Since this is a community wide event you will need to rely on other players to help move the quest step percentage up. To reach 100% completion on each planet the community needs to complete 3,000,000 million Seraph Towers per planet. Once this is done return to Ana and speak to her to get the next quest step called Vostok.

Vostok Visited

To complete the Vostok quest step you will need to make your way to the EDZ and play the mission called A Warmind’s Secrets. Complete this quest by scanning the three required anomalies for Ana (see locations in this video if needed). Upon scanning the third anomaly you will unlock the quest step Shotgun Telemetry.

Shotgun Telemetry (1K Shotgun Kills)

The Shotgun Telemetry quest step tasks you with getting shotgun kills across the galaxy or in the Crucible. In total you will need to get 1,000 Shotgun Kills.

To speed this process along equip shotguns in each weapon slot and drop into an area like Leviathan’s Castellum to farm your kills. Alternatively you can play Crucible game modes you like and are good at. Upon completion of the kills objective you will unlock the Lunar Trip quest objective.

Lunar Trip

To complete the Lunar Trip quest step make your way to the Lunar Seraph Bunker on the moon and follow Rasputin’s quest marker there. Upon completion of this quest objective you will get the final quest step called Warmind Heuristics.

Warmind Heuristics

The final quest step to get the Fellwinter’s Lie is currently bugged. This means if you attempt to start the mission, it will spawn you on Eris. Bungie will be updating the quest soon so players can actually complete it. With that said to complete this step you need to “investigate one of Rasputin’s closest-held secrets.”

Fellwinter’s Lie Shotgun

Upon completion of the Warmind Heuristics step you will receive the Felwinter’s Lie Shotgun. This is a legendary returning weapon from the original Destiny. This legendary comes with fixed rolls featuring the following:

  • Full Choke.
  • Accurized Rounds.
  • Slideshot.
  • Opening Shot.
  • Range Masterwork.
  • Shot Package.

Did you put in the effort to complete The Lie Quest in Destiny 2? What did you think of the quest steps? Happy with the shotgun? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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