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In Destiny 2: Shadowkeep there are a number of lore items for players to collect. These items tell different stories of events that took place on the Moon. One set of lore items is the Dead Ghosts. As the name suggests these items are Dead Ghosts which can be collected. To help you find them all use our all Lost Dead Ghosts locations guide below.

Note: Updating (9/10).

Starting Lost Dead Ghosts Missions

Image showing the Dead Ghosts consumable.

Dead Ghosts are an end game activity for players to take part in after beating Destiny 2: Shadowkeeep. This chain of missions can be started by finding a Lost Ghost Trace item (seems to be a random chest drop). Once you have this consumable item, give it to Eris on Sanctuary to unlock a Ghost Mission. There are a total of 10 missions to complete.

Lost Dead Ghosts Locations Map

Image showing the Lost Dead Ghosts Locations map.

As mentioned above there are a total of 10 of these Lost Dead Ghosts to find on the Moon. Finding these lore items involves walking up to them and inspecting them. I’ve marked the locations of the Lost Dead Ghosts on the map above. Read below for more details on each.

Echo of the Great Disaster Ghost Location

Image showing the Echo of the Great Disaster Location.

Location: Archer’s Landing.

You will find Gunnvor’s Ghost in the Archer Landing Area. There is a crashed truck inside a chasm. Next to this truck is the Lost Dead Ghost. Interact with it to collect it.

First Crota’s Team Fallen Ghost Location

Image showing the First Crota's Team Fallen Location.

Location: The World’s Grave (Hellmouth).

You will find Sai Mota’s Ghost inside The World’s Grave area of Hellmouth. This area is a bit hard to explain since you can reach it from a number of directions, but note you will find this Lost Dead Ghost is inside the room opposite the exit leading to the Circle of Bones. If this doesn’t make sense, check out this video here.

Adona’s Quest Ghost Location

Image showing the Adona's Quest Location.

Location: Shrine of Oryx (Hellmouth).

Inside the Shrine of Oryx in the central room you will find Gimble-4’s Ghost. Again given the labyrinth nature of this location it is hard to give you specific directions. This video does a good job of showing you exactly how to get there.

The Greatest Ghost Sacrifice

Image showing the Eris Morn's Ghost location.

Location: Gatehouse (Hellmouth).

Inside the large second room of the Gatehouse next to the window with the grate covering it you will find the Eris Morn’s Ghost. This room is after the short cave tunnel.

True Believer Ghost Location

Image showing the True Believer Location.

Location: Summoning Pits (Hellmouth).

In the Summoning Pits area on the upper walkway near the entrance you will find Toland’s Ghost in a pile of rubble.

Dark Dreams Ghost Location

Image showing the Dark Dreams Location.

Location: Lunar Battlegrounds.

In Lunar Battlegrounds (the starting area of the expansion) you will find Vyhar’s Ghost on the side next to a crashed pod on the side of the area.

A Futile Search Ghost Location

Image showing the A Futile Search Location.

Location: Anchor of Light.

In the Anchor of Light there is a saucer shaped building you can go inside. Go inside this room and enter the room lower to find the Lonesome Ghost.

Together Forever Ghost Location

Image showing the Eriana-3's Ghost location.

Location: Circle of Bones.

Inside the first large room in the Circle of Bones you will find Eriana-3’s Ghost. It sitting near a cracked container. Grab it to collect it.

Misplaced Trust Ghost Location

Image showing the Misplaced Trust Ghost Location.

Location: Hellmouth.

You will find Vell Tarowe’s Ghost inside the entrance to the Gatehouse area in Hellmouth. It is sitting on the ground near some stairs.

I will update this guide with more Dead Ghosts locations as I uncover them. Drop me a comment in The Pit below if you have anything you wish to add.

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