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At the start of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep you will make your way to the Moon. Upon heading to the Moon you will trigger a cutscene. This cutscene shows an NPC and a mysterious enemy. Once this cutscene is over you will start the first mission of Shadowkeep which is called A Mysterious Disturbance. Use our A Mysterious Disturbance guide below.

Objective 1: Reclaim the Moon

Image showing the first objective on the Moon.

On the Moon you will start the mission A Mysterious Disturbance. The first objective of this mission is to Reclaim the Moon. To do this you will need to defeat a % of Hive. During this sequence the enemies are worth the following:

  • Acolyte: 1%.
  • Revenant Knight: 4%.
  • Wizard: 4%.

Once you’ve reached 100%, the Hive will retreat, this will trigger the next objective which is to Pursue the Hive.

Objective 2: Pursue the Hive

Image showing the second objective on the Moon.

To complete this objective you will want to follow the markers that appear on your hud. These markers lead you to a large open area. In this area you will trigger the next objective which is to Secure a foothold for the Vanguard.

Objective 3: Secure a foothold for the Vanguard

Image showing the Objective 3 Secure a foothold for the Vanguard

In this large open area you will see a number of Hive vigils (the large towers). To drain these towers stand in the circles at their base. You need to “capture” (drain) 6 vigils to advance the mission.

To capture these points easily I recommend killing the Shieldbearing Nightmares that spawn, then use the Relic sword they drop. This sword deals good damage and takes care of the enemies in this area fairly well. Start with the exterior points then work your way towards the points by the entrance to the Scarlet Keep. Once you’ve captured all 6 vigils, you will need to clear out the remaining enemies including the Eye of the Swarm. Do this to get the next objective.

Objective 4: Gain Access to the Scarlet Keep

Image showing Objective 4: Gain Access to the Scarlet Keep.

For this next objective you will want to make your way into the large red peep which is now accessible. Head through the door and follow the linear path until you reach a large open area with Drakes in it. Jump in the nearest Drake and use it to take for the Eye of the Swarm that appears. This Eye of the Swarm will make its way to the entrance to the keep so follow it and deal damage to it as it moves. Once you’ve killed the Eye of the Swarm you will get a new objective.

Objective 5: Locate Eris Morn

Ditch the Drake and head inside the keep. Make your way through the keep by following the waypoints that appear. There is really only one direction you can go to progress. You will enter a new area called the Enduring Abyss. Continue heading forward into the cave system. As soon as you drop into the caves you will be attacked by a number of Thralls, take them out while moving through the cave system.

Image showing the boss fight with Nightmare of Crota, Son of Oryx.

After you’ve gone through the cave system continue forward until you arrive at an area with a number of floating bodies and a large red mist. Walk towards the red mist to trigger a boss fight with Nightmare of Crota, Son of Oryx. During this fight get the bosses health down to about 66% to trigger an event which causes you to teleport to Eris Morn. After the cutscene with Eris Morn, you will end up in Sanctuary. This ends the mission.

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