Destiny 2: How to Unlock the Tangled Shores Obelisk

Season 9 of Destiny 2 has introduced new obelisks which can be found on specific planets. These obelisks can be unlocked so you can connect them to the Sundial to gain different rewards. One of the obelisks can be found on the Tangled Shores. This guide will show you how to unlock the Tangled Shores obelisk in Destiny 2.

Start A Matter of Time Quest

Image showing the start of A Matter of Time quest in Destiny 2.

When you launch Destiny 2 for the first time after the update you will be greeted with a cutscene showing Mercury. After the cutscene you will learn about a mission called A Matter of Time. Go to Ikora and speak with her to start this mission which tasks you with investigating a Disturbance on Mercury.

Go to Mercury and Visit Osiris

Image showing where to find Osiris in Destiny 2's Disturbance on Mercury mission.

Once you’ve started the A Matter of Time quest you will be prompted to head to Mercury to find Osiris. Osiris is located in The Sundial which is a new area of Mercury you can access via the map. Once you are at Osiris speak with him and he will have you start the Tangled Shores obelisk mission that’s called Recovery Operation.

How to Complete Tangled Shores: Recovery Operation Quest Step?

Image showing the Recovery Operation quest step in Destiny 2.

The destination we need to head to is The Tangled Shore. In the Thieves Landing area you will see a quest marker for Obelisk: Tangled Shore. Note at this point in time you will be unable to do anything with the obelisk. To interact with the obelisk you need to complete a couple of quest steps including collecting 50 Sundial components to repair the obelisk. To get these parts you need to kill Cabal on the Tangled Shore. Using Solar Weapons and Abilities may cause more materials to drop. Some locations to find Cabal are:

  • The Cobble.
  • Sorik’s Cut.

Once you’ve killed enough Cabal and recovered the 50 Sundial Components you will unlock the Reinforcements quest step.

How to Complete Tangled Shores: Reinforcement Quest Step?

Image showing where to deposit the 50 Sundial Components in the Obelisk.

To complete this step head to the obelisk and bank the materials you’ve recovered. This will unlock the next step which is called Light Collection.

How to Complete Tangled Shores: Light Collection?

Image showing the Light Collection step in A Matter of Time in Destiny 2.

This step involves defeating enemies with abilities and your Super, and by collecting Orbs of Light. To do this use any activities you so desire. I recommend public events or missions, but it is up to you. Once you have all the Light collected return to the obelisk and deposit it. This attunes the obelisk and earns you a Major Fractaline Harvest item. The obelisk then becomes unlocked.

That’s everything you need to know about how to unlock the Tangled Shores obelisk in Destiny 2. As you can see this obelisk has the same objectives as the one found on Mars. Any comments drop them below. Thanks for reading and good luck.

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