Destiny 2: How to Unlock the EDZ Obelisk

In Season 9 of Destiny 2 there is a new addition of obelisks on various planets for players to unlock. These obelisks are tied to the Sundial and dictate the rewards you can earn at the end of that arena mission. To help you unlock these obelisks I am putting together guides for each planet. Today we are looking at the EDZ. Continue reading below to learn how to unlock the EDZ obelisk in Destiny 2.

Speak with Osiris to Start EDZ Obelisk Mission

Image showing where to start the EDZ Obelisk Mission in Destiny 2.

If you’ve visited the EDZ you may have noticed that the obelisk is inactive. To unlock this obelisk you first need to complete the A Disturbance on Mercury mission for Osiris. Upon completion of this mission you are able to speak to Osiris inside the Sundial. When you speak to Osiris he will have the EDZ Obelisk quest available for you.

EDZ: Obelisk Attunement Guide

Once you’ve received the EDZ: Obelisk Attunement mission from Osiris you will start the quest to unlock the Obelisk on the EDZ. The EDZ obelisk can be found in The Gulch next to the fast travel spawn point on the hill. Like previous Obelisks you will start with a Recovery Operation.

How to Complete the EDZ Recovery Operation?

Image showing how to collect 50 Cabal Armor Plating Pieces in Destiny 2.

To complete the EDZ: Recovery Operation you need to defeat Cabal to collect 50 Cabal Armor Plating pieces. To find Cabal make your way to these areas on the EDZ:

  • The Gulch.
  • The Sludge.
  • Firebase Hades.
  • Cabal Drops (Pub Events).

In the above listed areas you will find Cabal roaming around the overworld. Defeat a total of 50x Cabal to complete this objective. Upon completion you will receive the next objective which is EDZ: Reinforcements.

How to Complete the EDZ Reinforcements?

To complete this step make you way to the obelisk that is located in The Gulch. Approach the obelisk and interact with the bank to deposit the 50x Cabal Armor Plating you’ve collected. Doing this triggers the next portion of the quest which is EDZ: Light Collection.

How to Complete the EDZ Light Collection and Light Infusion?

Image showing the EDZ obelisk becoming attuned in Destiny 2.

This objective is exactly like the other obelisk Light Collection. You need to use your abilities and Super to kill enemies on the EDZ. To do this run things like Public Events, Lost Sectors, or simply use abilities on enemies in the EDZ overworld.

Once you’ve defeated all the enemies using super and abilities you will unlock the Light Infusion step. This step is completed by simply heading to the obelisk bank and interacting with it. Upon banking the light the obelisk will become attuned. You will receive a Major Fractaline Harvest for your troubles.

That’s everything you need to know about how to unlock the EDZ obelisk in Destiny 2. As you can see this obelisk has the same objectives as the one found on the Tangled Shores. Any comments drop them below. Thanks for reading and good luck.

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    The location is clearly stated you Panini head . Learn to read, thanks

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      Sorry about that. The EDZ obelisk can be found in The Gulch next to the fast travel spawn point on the hill. When you have the quest active it is marked on your map. Hope this helps.

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