Death Stranding Teases Something on May 29th

Death Stranding, the upcoming title from Kojima Productions, has been teasing fans lately. These teases area all pointing towards new information on Death Stranding coming May 29th. What this information is remains unclear, but the likes of IGN are reporting it is a new trailer. Check out the Death Stranding teases we’ve gotten below.

Update #2 (29/05/2019)

The livestream revealed a new 8 minute gameplay/story trailer for Death Stranding. As well as showing the trailer, we also got the official release date which is November 8, 2019.

Update (29/05/2019)

There is a livestream being hosted on the PlayStation channel which shows a number of hands on the screen. Underneath these hands is footage of Death Stranding.

Update (28/05/2019)

Hideo Kojima has taken to his twitter yet again to share another teaser. This time there are two handprints instead of only the one in the video shared on May 26th. As the video plays the text “help us reconnect” appears on screen. This could be tease of a multiplayer aspect to Death Stranding. This would play into the idea that player collaboration will be important in the upcoming Kojima Productions title.

On May 26th, Hideo Kojima tweeted a short video on his personal twitter with the hashtag #deathstranding. In the video there is a hand print surrounded by black tar. In the hand print there is what appears to be footage from Death Stranding. On the video the text “Create the Rope” appears.

Following Hideo’s tweet, the official twitter of Death Stranding released an image and the text “The countdown of #deathstranding has started… May 29th. Create the rope.” The image with the tweet shows a floating Death Stranding logo with a number of, what appears to be, tar-like ropes coming off the different letters.

What any of this means I have no idea. Fans of the game are already pouring over these teases to discern what any of this means. Regardless, something is coming May 29th.

What do you think Death Stranding will show off on May 29th? Let me know in The Pit below.



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