Comb of Champions – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Guide

In the tutorial area of Rygjafylke in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla you will find a number of World Events you can complete. These World Events are short little quests that reward you with materials or silver when finished. One of the World Events you will encounter in this area is called Comb of Champions. This World Event tasks you with finding a missing comb for a woman named Bil. To find the comb and complete the mission see our guide below.

Where to Find the Comb of Champions

Image showing Where to Find the Comb of Champion world event.

The Comb of Champions Event can be found to the northeast of the Fornburg settlement at the base of a waterfall. At the location on the map above you will find the character named Bil. Speak to her to learn about the missing comb that is somewhere in the water nearby.

How to Complete Comb of Champions

Image showing the Comb of Champions world event.

From Bil jump into the water at the base of the waterfall and swim forward. At about the center point of the little pond dive down. Use Odin vision while you are diving to ping the comb. It will appear as a blue/green light. Swim to the light to grab the comb. Take the comb and return back to Bil on the shore. Give the comb to Bil. When you give her the comb the World Event will end giving you some XP and +1 Rygjafylke Mysteries.

If you wish to continue the event simply follow Bil as she walks through the forest to her campsite. Here you can speak to Bil to get some… combing action on.

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