Call of Duty Modern Warfare II Missions List

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II Missions List

The second entry in the popular Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series is finally upon us. This new addition, Call of Duty Modern Warfare II, is split up into single-player and multiplayer experiences. The single-player experience features a campaign for players to playthrough. This campaign is broken up into missions. See the full Call of Duty Modern Warfare II missions list below.

How Many Missions in Call of Duty Modern Warfare II Story?

There are a total of 17 missions for players to complete while playing the main storyline of the game. This missions are spread out across a variety of different teams and locations. As you advance through the main story you will cross path with other teams you’ve been playing with. The missions you must complete to beat the game are as follows:

  1. Strike.
  2. Kill or Capture.
  3. Wetwork.
  4. Tradecraft.
  5. Borderline.
  6. Cartel Protection.
  7. Close Air.
  8. Hardpoint.
  9. Recon by Fire.
  10. Violence and Timing.
  11. El Sin Nombre.
  12. Dark Water.
  13. Alone.
  14. Prison Break.
  15. Hindsight.
  16. Ghost Team.
  17. Countdown.

How long it takes to beat Call of Duty Modern Warfare II largely depends on how skilled you are at FPS games and what difficulty you play on. There are a number of difficulties to play on with the easiest allowing you to beat it fairly quickly.

Additionally you can replay missions as much as you’d like upon completing the game. The mission select screen allows you to replay any missions you’ve previously beaten, or pick up where you’ve left of. From this screen you can also switch difficulties to up or lower the challenge.

There is a definite reason to complete the Call of Duty Modern Warfare II campaign if you are on the fence. Completing each level in the campaign unlocks an item for multiplayer. This means beating the game unlocks you 17 usable items for the multiplayer game mode. Items you unlock range from weapons and Operators to double XP Tokens and Calling Cards.

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