Borderlands 3: Where to Find Six Underbosses in Revenge of the Cartels

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In the newest seasonal event for Borderlands 3, Revenge of the Cartels, there is a special challenge players can complete by defeating six underbosses in a single play-through of the Ultraviolet map. To help you complete this challenges I’ve put together this where to find six underbosses guide. Before diving deep into these locations keep in mind you need to defeat all six underbosses listed below in one play-through (not over multiple).

Revenge of the Cartels Underbosses Locations Map

Image of the Revenge of the Cartels Underbosses Locations Map.

There are a total of six Underbosses you can encounter as you explore the Ultraviolet map. Four of these Underbosses appear in various locations across the map while two will be fought as you take on the boss of the area Joey Ultraviolet. When an Underboss appears it will show a skull on your minimap. The map above shows the exact locations of the Underbosses spawn. For more exact directions and a list of the Underbosses read the text guide below.

  1. To gain access to The House That Joey Built you will need to defeat enemies in the courtyard area. Once this area is cleared an Underbosses will appear via the entrance to the mansion.
  2. Head to the east of The House That Joey Built to reach an area called A Mansion Inside a Mansion. In this mansion head to through the main floor until you reach room with an elevator. Defeat the enemies here until the Underboss rides down the elevator.
  3. Inside The House That Joey Built make your way to the Grand-Baller Room. In this room defeat enemies until an Underboss appears out of the room with the puzzle in it.
  4. Make your way to the end of the Garden of Hedonia and fight the enemies that spawn until the Underboss appears out of the building in the northeast corner of the garden.
  5. Spawns during the fight with Joey Ultraviolet.
  6. Spawns during the fight with Joey Ultraviolet.

Underbosses List:

  • Tyrone Smallums.
  • Franco Firewall.
  • Roaster.
  • Josie Byte.
  • The Tenderizer.

Defeat all of the Underbosses listed above in a single playthrough to get the Locked in Here with Me challenge. This challenge must be completed if you are looking to get all of the available rewards from the Revenge of the Cartels seasonal event.

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