Borderlands 3: All Weapon Skins List

In Borderlands 3 there are a ton of customization options including the new weapon skins. These skins can be applied to your weapons to change the visual look of them. If you are curious about seeing all weapon skins, you’ve come the right place. Check them out below.

List is updating

Borderlands 3 Weapon Skins

So far we’ve found 25 Weapon Skins for players to find/unlock in Borderlands 3. These Weapon Skins come from a number of sources including world drops and completing story missions. Take a look at the Weapon Skins below.

Note: Weapon shown is the Dastardly Maggie legendary pistol.

Retro Blaster

Image showing the Retro Blaster weapon skin.

Goldie Locks and Loads

Image showing the Goldie Locks and Loads weapon skin.

Gearbox Prime

Image showing the Gearbox Prime weapon skin.

Butt Dazzle

Image showing the Butt Dazzle weapon skin.

Dandy Lion

Image showing the Dandy Lion weapon skin.

Fire and Ash

Image showing the Fire and Ash weapon skin.

Hot Blooded

Image showing the Hot Blooded weapon skin.

Deep Nebula

Image showing the Deep Nebula weapon skin.


Image showing the Psychodelic weapon skin.

Red Sands

Image showing the Red Sands weapon skin.

Leather and Regret

Image showing the Leather and Regret weapon skin.

Dead Set

Image showing the Dead Set weapon skin.

Ink and Kill

Image showing the Ink and Kill weapon skin.

Burnished Steele

Image showing the Burnished Steele weapon skin.


Image showing the Thunderhead weapon skin.


Image showing the Gunfetti weapon skin.


Image showing the Painbow weapon skin.


Image showing the Crepuscule weapon skin.


Image showing the Skelebones weapon skin.

Black Dragon

Image showing the Black Dragon weapon skin.


Image showing the Extraspectral weapon skin.

Blueberry Limeade

Image showing the Blueberry Limeade weapon skin.

It’s Poop!

Image showing the It's Poop! Weapon Skin.


Image showing the Maliwannabe weapon skin.

As more Weapon Skins become available in Borderlands 3 I will update this list accordingly. Until then let me know which skin you like best in The Pit below. Also let me know which one you are rocking at this very moment.

Thoughts on our Weapon Skins list for Borderlands 3? Drop them in The Pit below.


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