Borderlands 3: All Moxxi Tip Rewards

On Sanctuary, each NPC has their own location reflecting their personalities. One NPC that everyone knows is Moxxi. Moxxi runs her bar on Sanctuary. In this bar players can gamble or give Moxxi tips. Like previous games, tipping Moxxi is beneficial to you. Let’s take a closer look at all Moxxi tip rewards.

Moxxi Tips

Image showing the Moxxi tip locations.

Inside Moxxi’s bar you can tip her. Tipping Moxxi allows you to earn a couple of special weapons. These weapons are the Hail and the Crit. Both weapons are special red text weapons specific to giving Moxxi tips. Check out each weapons below.

Crit (SMG)

Image showing the Crit weapon..

Hail (Machine Gun)

Image showing the Hail machine gun.

You can continue tipping Moxxi an infinite amount of time. This means you can farm the above weapons to be exactly what you want, including getting the Anointed variants.

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