Blasphemous 2 Happy New Year Achievement Guide

Blasphemous 2 toll a bell 12 times Happy New Year achievement.

In Blasphemous 2 there are a few hidden achievements for players to unlock. These hidden achievements task players with completing specific tasks that would otherwise be outside the scope of the traditional gameplay. One such achievement is called Happy New Year! To learn how to unlock the Blasphemous 2 Happy New Year achievement, see our guide below.

Toll a Bell 12 Times

To complete the Happy New Year achievement players must toll a bell 12 times. To do this requires players have the Veredicto incense mace. The traversal ability of this weapon allows you to ring special bells you encounter in the world. These bells will be used for this achievement.

If you selected the Veredicto at the start of the run you are good to go to the nearest bell and ring it 12 times. If you didn’t select the Veredicto as your starting weapon you will need to find it during your playthrough. This occurs naturally in the Sacred Entombments location as part of the main storyline.

Once you have Veredicto the next step is to reach the nearest bell. There are many strewn about the world for you to use. An easy one to reach is in Profundo Lamento. The bell is located to the right of the Prie Dieu. Regardless of which you use simply hit the bell 12 times in a row for the achievement to unlock.

Players can uncover more hidden achievements beyond just this in Blasphemous 2. Among these achievements is “Two Old Ones Eating Soup,” where you must reunite two NPCs as part of the task.

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