Blasphemous 2 Forgotten Tribute

Image showing the Procession of Shadows in Blasphemous 2.

The Blasphemous 2 Forgotten Tribute is a special set of items players will find as they explore Cvstodia. This strange coin appears to have no function on first pickup, but it is actually very useful for exploring the full map. To learn more about this item and what to do with it, see our Blasphemous 2 Forgotten Tribute guide below.

Forgotten Tribute 1 Location: Sea of Ink Location

Image showing the map location of a Forgotten Tribute in the Sea of Ink area.
Location of the a Forgotten Tribute the Sea of Ink.

The first Forgotten Tribute players can locate is found in the Sea of Ink area. This area is attached to Profundo Lamento via the elevator on the west side. Ride the elevator down to the area below and walk to the left to the end of the bridge. On the bridge you will find the Forgotten Tribute coin item.

Forgotten Tribute 2 Location: Sacred Entombments

Image showing the map location of a Forgotten Tribute in the Sacred Entombments area.
Location of a Forgotten Tribute in Sacred Entombments.

Before you can acquire this Forgotten Tribute you need to ensure you have the Sarmiento & Centalla and Veridicto weapons available. If you have both go to the Sacred Entombments area. Lower the sand in the area then head to the Prie Dieu room. Use the bell to open the gate in the top right. Go through the gate to reach a room with another bell in it.

In this second room (shown on the map above) ring the bell then head right. Cross the platforms and ring the next bell you encounter. Above you there are mirrors. Use Sarmiento & Centalla to warp to the ledge in the top right corner that has the Forgotten Tribute on it.

Forgotten Tribute 3 Location: Labyrinth of Tides

Image showing the map location of a Forgotten Tribute in the Labyrinth of Tides.
Location of a Forgotten Tribute in Labyrinth of Tides.

The third, and final, Forgotten Tribute is located in the Labyrinth of Tides area. This location is accessible after you defeat the Odon of the Confraternity of Salt in the Sunken Cathedral. Once you are in the location go to the large square room on the map shown above. In the middle you will find a hidden ledge you can slide through. Slide through it to reach the Forgotten Tribute.

What to Do With the Forgotten Tribute Coins in Blasphemous 2?

Blasphemous 2 Forgotten Tribute chariot locations.
The three locations you use the carriage in.

Each time you collect a Forgotten Tribute coin you unlock the ability to ride on the Procession of Shadows. This horse drawn carriage takes you to various locations that are otherwise inaccessible to you in the game. The locations that you use the carriage in an where they take you are as follows:

  1. Choir of Thorns to Profundo Lamento.
  2. Profundo Lamento to Choir of Thorns.
  3. Choir of Thorns to The Severed Tower. This location has a hidden Cobijada.

If you have a coin and go to the room that the carriage is in you will see a coin icon appear on your map (as shown in the screenshot above). Go to these rooms, approach the rider, and speak to him. Select Agree when prompted to give him one Forgotten Tribute. You will then be taken to the new location.

Each time you ride the carriage, return to the room you boarded it on. Here you will find bonus rewards of Marks of Martyrdom. You can snag a total of 6 Marks of Martyrdom by returning to each room and collecting it from the altar where the carriage was.

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