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This week’s Destiny 2 update has added a new mission for players to complete in the Crow storyline. This mission is called Ascendant Hunter. To complete this mission players need to track down the High Celebrant who is located inside the Dreaming City. Before doing this the Crow asks you to upgrade your Lure. For our complete Ascendant Hunter guide see the steps.

How to Start the Ascendant Hunter Mission

Make your way to the Tangled Shore and head to the Spider’s Safehouse. Here speak with the Crow to trigger the mission screen. This mission screen has the following to say:

Crow shuffles esoteric gadgets around his workbench.

“We’re on the verge of the coup de grâce. I’ve tracked the High Celebrant to the Dreaming City, but the Lure will need to be upgraded one last time before we can make our move.”

The Light bearer holds up one of the strange baubles and examines it closely. “Here it is: the final piece.”

Crow smirks. “Well then, like Spider always says, we’re in business.”

Upgrade the Lure one last time.

When you are ready to do so accept the quest to begin this four step quest-line. The first step in the quest is to Upgrade the Lure.

Upgrade the Lure with Improved Seeker II

Image showing the Improved Seeker II Lure Upgrade in Destiny 2.

To advance this quest step you need to purchase the Improved Seeker II Lure Upgrade from the Crow. This upgrade is only available once you hit Reputation 7. You raise Rep with the Crow by giving him Recon Data you get from completing Wrathborn Hunts. Once you reach Reputation 7 pick up this Lure Upgrade to receive the next quest step to speak with Spider.

Speak with Spider

Head next door from the Crow and speak to the Spider. When you talk to him he will have a brief dialogue sequence. After this sequence is concluded you will receive the coordinates for the High Celebrant on the Dreaming City. This adds the coup de grâce mission to your map. Before you can do the quest you need to set your Lure to High Celebrant (requires 1 Charge) along with modifiers. Once this is done start up the mission via the map.

Complete the Coup De Grâce Mission

The Coup de grâce mission is a 1-3 players mission with a recommended Power Level of 1250. It can be rather tough if you are underlevelled so keep this in mind before you begin. To complete this mission complete the following quest objectives in the level:

  1. Enter Harbinger’s Seclude.
  2. Locate the Cryptolith.
  3. Deploy the Lure.
  4. Engage the High Celebrant.
  5. Destroy the Residual Energy.
  6. Find the Tear in the Ascendant Plane.
  7. Track the High Celebrant.
  8. Engage the High Celebrant.
  9. Find the Tear in the Ascendant Plane.
  10. Track the High Celebrant.
  11. Engage the High Celebrant.
  12. Defeat the Wrathborn Ogre (Respawn Restricted begins).
  13. Deploy the Lure.
  14. Reach the Portal to the Ascendant Plane: Follow the trail to reveal platforms leading up to the portal.
  15. Explore the Ascendant Plane.
  16. Defeat the High Celebrant.
  17. Execute the High Celebrant: Stand on the buff circle to execute faster.

The quest steps listed above occur in a linear fashion as you progress through the level. Once you execute the High Celebrant in the final encounter you will have completed the Coup De Grâce mission. Your reward for this mission is a 1% chance at the The Fourth Mark (Ship) and a piece of Powerful Gear.

After the cutscene you will need to do one final thing. To complete the Ascendant Hunter mission head back to Spider’s Safehouse. Speak to Spider one final time to end the Ascendant Hunter quest. You can run this mission once per week on each character.

Thoughts on our look at the Ascendant Hunter mission in Destiny 2? Let me hear them in the comments below.



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