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In Red Dead Online there are a number characters you can meet that give you missions to complete. These characters called strangers appear on your map as orange dots. One stranger you will meet is named Anthony Foreman. To learn more about the online mode’s Anthony Foreman missions continue reading below.

Where to Find Anthony Foreman

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If you are reading this guide you may have a few questions regarding this stranger. The first question is probably where to find him. Anthony Foreman can be found to the west of Rhodes on the town’s outskirts in Randle’s House or occasionally in Doyle’s Tavern.

What Missions Does Anthony Foreman Give

Anthony is the leader of the Foreman Brothers Gang and is skeptical of players when they first meet. Once you’ve completed the first mission for him he will continue to offer players the chance to complete certain less-than honorable missions that come in four varieties:

  • Assassinations.
  • Holdups.
  • Horse Thefts.
  • Coach Robberies.

Completing any of the missions above will net you some cash and XP. Alongside these rewards you will decrease your honor. When a missions is completed you will most likely have a wanted level or possibly other players in pursuit of you.

That’s all you need to know about the stranger Anthony Foreman in Red Dead Online. This character will often be part of the daily general challenges so you will want to visit him to complete a missions when possible.

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