Animal Crossing New Horizons Sea Creatures List

In the Wave 1 update for Animal Crossing New Horizons diving and swimming were added as a new game-play mechanic. With this new mechanic players are able to explore the ocean around the islands. In the ocean players will discover various sea creatures they can collect and donate to the museum. To keep track of the sea creatures you can find use our Animal Crossing New Horizons sea creatures list below.

List of All the Sea Creatures in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Image showing the Mussel in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Like other museum items sea creatures you collect while diving can be donated to Blathers under the ‘Make a donation’ chat option. After being donated these sea creatures can be found in the fish section of the museum in the bottom of the different displays. In total there are 40 sea creatures you can collect. Each creature has their own Critterpedia entries and some only appear during certain times of the day and months of the year. Here’s the complete table of the sea creatures:

Full List of Animal Crossing New Horizons Sea Creatures

Sea CreatureNorthern HemisphereSouthern HemisphereTimeSell Price
AbaloneJune - JanuaryDecember - July4 PM - 9 AM2,000
Acorn BarnacleAll YearAll YearAll Day600
Chambered NautilusMarch - June, September - NovemberSeptember-December, March - May4 PM - 9 AM1,800
Drungeness CrabNovember - MayMay - NovemberAll Day1,900
Firefly SquidMarch - JuneSeptember - December9 PM - 4 AM1,400
FlatwormAugust - SeptemberFebruary - March4 PM - 9 AM700
Gazami CrabJune - NovemberDecember - MayAll Day2,200
Gigas Giant ClamMay - SeptemberNovember - MarchAll Day15,000
Giant IsopodJuly - OctoberJanuary - April9 AM - 4 PM; 9 PM - 4 AM12,000
Horseshoe CrabJuly - SeptemberJanuary - March9 PM - 4 AM2,500
LobsterApril - June, December - JanuaryOctober - December, June - JulyAll Day4,500
Mantis ShrimpAll YearAll Year4 PM - 9 AN2,500
Moon JellyfishJuly - SeptemberJanuary - MarchAll Day600
MusselJune - DecemberDecember - JuneAll Day1,500
OctopusAll YearAll Year All Day1,200
OysterSeptember - FebruaryMarch - AugustAll Day1,100
Pearl OysterAll YearAll YearAll Day2,800
Red King CrabNovember - MarchMay - SeptemberAll Day 8,000
ScallopAll YearAll YearAll Day1,200
Sea AnemoneAll Year All YearAll Day500
Sea CucumberNovember - AprilMay - OctoberAll Day500
Sea GrapesJune - SeptemberDecember - March All Day900
Sea PigNovember - FebruaryMay - August4 PM - 9 AM10,000
Sea PineappleApril - AugustOctober - FebruaryAll Day1,500
Sea SlugAll YearAll YearAll Day600
Sea StarAll YearAll YearAll Day 500
Sea UrchinMay - SeptemberNovember - MarchAll Day1,700
SeaweedOctober - JulyApril - JanuaryAll Day600
Slate Pencil UrchinMay - SeptemberNovember - March4 PM - 9 AM2,000
Snow CrabNovember - AprilMay - OctoberAll Day6,000
Spider Crab March - AprilSeptember - OctoberAll Day12,000
Spiny LobsterOctober - DecemberApril - June9 PM - 4 AM5,000
Spotted Garden Eel May - OctoberNovember - April4 AM - 9 PM1,100
Sweet ShrimpSeptember - FebruaryMarch - August4 PM - 9 AM1,400
Tiger PrawnJune - SeptemberDecember - MarchAll Day3,000
Turban ShellMarch - May, September - DecemberMarch - June, September - NovemberAll Day1,000
Umbrella OctopusMarch - May, September - NovemberMarch - May, September - NovemberAll Day6,000
Vampire SquidMay - AugustNovember - February4 PM - 9 AM10,000
Venus' Flower BasketOctober - FebruaryApril - AugustAll Day5,000
WhelkAll YearAll YearAll Day1,000

When you find the above listed sea creatures you can deliver them to Blathers at the museum. This will send them to your fish section where you can see them at the bottom of the tanks. Collecting every single sea creature triggers a flavor text that says “I’ve completed my diving collection. That’s deep. Real deep.” There is no other reward for completion besides a few comments from Blathers when you hand in the final sea creature.

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