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In the new May Day event in Animal Crossing New Horizons you will receive a May Day Tour ticket which allows you to access a special mystery island. On this mystery island there is a maze you need to traverse to reach the NPC called Rover. To help you traverse this puzzle use our May Day Island Maze directions guide below.

Note: how to get to the May Day Island guide if needed.

May Day Island Maze Guide

Image showing the May Day Island Maze map solution.

When you arrive on the May Day mystery island you will have all of your tools taken from you. To make your way through the maze you need to collect tools along the way. Here’s how to reach the end of the May Day maze:

  1. Walk forward and grab the Shovel.
  2. Use the shovel on the shrub to the left so you can get a fruit. Eat the fruit.
  3. Return to where you got the shovel, dig up the tree to the north, then head through the now open passage so you reach the + with the hole. Jump across the hole so you continue to head north.
  4. Take the first right and jump across the three holes so you reach the three pieces of wood. Pick them up.
  5. Make your way west of the wood then go up and west so you reach the stick there. Pick up the stick and head down and to the east.
  6. Pick up the three sticks and one stone here by jumping across the three holes and grab the Worn Axe tool south of the middle hole.
  7. Take the Worn Axe and use it to cut down the tree to the north of the stick you picked up during step 5. Shovel the stump out of the way and grab the stick and two fruit in the area behind this tree.
  8. Double back to the three holes from step 6 and jump over the far east hole so you can reach the rock at 8. Eat a fruit and shovel the rock out of the way so you can grab the Iron Ore there.
  9. With the Iron Ore in hand head back through 6-5-4 so you reach the rock at 9. Eat another fruit and shovel the rock out of your way. Grab the fruit and the DIY Recipes for the Flimsy Axe and then an Axe. Eat the fruit you picked up and dig the tree out of the way so you can reach the workbench. Craft the Flimsy Axe and then an Axe.
  10. Head back to 4 and go to the west. Jump across the hole to the south and chop down the tree by 10. Grab the two fruits there.
  11. From 10 head up north and follow the path going 5-6-8 so you reach the tree at 11. Cut down the tree here with your axe. Continue on this path to the north and jump across the two holes here. Cut down the three trees so you can reach Rover.
  12. You can reach the Bell Vouchers to the west of Rover by digging the shrub there. If you want to get the vouchers in the southwest corner of the maze dig up the shrubs to the north of Rover next to the tree so you can get outside the maze. Walk all the way down to the three rocks and eat your three fruit so you can break them and get at the tickets.

What Prize Does Rover Give You on May Day Island?

Image showing the prize Rover gives you on May Day island.

When you reach Rover at the end of the May Day Maze you can speak to him about the island. After Rover learns a bit about you he will give you the reward of Rover’s Briefcase (a place-able item). Once you receive this item you can leave the island if you so desire. Note once you have Rover’s Briefcase you can no longer return to this May Day Island. Back on your island you should return to Tom Nook to tell him about the island adventure. After this conversation you can head to your mailbox to get the items you brought back from the May Day island.

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  1. K says:

    Dumb island too hard taking our tools away is like taking a persons check away in real life .not fair unacceptable worst island I have ever been too no fun Nintendo another disappointment again always letting me down. …angry not a good game for your blood pressure at alll …….

  2. Autumn says:

    What do you do if a tool breaks and you can’t continue the maze?

  3. Meg says:

    I’m confused. You can’t cut down trees with flimsy axe? In step 5 you say to do that though…

  4. Sairo says:

    ¿Is it possible to come back to May Day Island?

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