Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Make a Fishing Rod

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One of the beautiful aspects of Animal Crossing New Horizons is the ability to spend you time doing whatever you want. This can mean foraging for some, crafting things, or even fishing for others. While foraging and crafting are both straightforward, fishing requires having a fishing rod to begin. To help you get started on this use our how to make a Fishing Rod guide below.

Where to Get a Fishing Rod in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Image showing where to get a fishing rod in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

To start complete the tutorial so you have a tent setup and you’ve slept in that tent for the first night. After you’ve slept in the tent you will start a new day. During this first day you will begin to use the various services around the island. One service you can start using is the DIY Workshop in the Nook Tent. Make your way to the tent and speak to Tom Nook to start a tutorial on using the workbench.

The item you make during this tutorial is a Fishing Rod. To make the Fishing Rod you need to collect 5 Tree Branches. Once you’ve collected the required materials return to Tom Nook and speak to him. He will tell you to approach the bench. Interact with the workbench and select the Flimsy fishing rod to craft it. Once crafted the fishing rod is added to your inventory.

With the fishing rod in your inventory you can start to fish. This is beneficial to start making Bells as wells and also for completing the Nook Miles task called Angling for Perfection. With that said the starting fishing rod will break with use, so you will need to craft more as time goes on. Good luck.

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