Animal Crossing New Horizons: All Wedding Seasonal Event Items

The Wedding season event is a seasonal event that runs in Animal Crossing New Horizons. During this event you are tasked with helping Harvey take photos of Reese and Cyrus over the course of June. Each day you can complete these photos to earn a wedding themed reward. If you are interested in know all wedding seasonal event items available during this Animal Crossing New Horizons event check the list below.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons Wedding Seasonal Event Items List

Image showing the Wedding Wand in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

There are a total of x wedding themed items players can unlock during the wedding event. These items are earned by completing daily photo-shoots and by buying them from Cyrus using crystals. The items you can unlock are as follows:


  1. Wedding bench.
  2. Wedding decoration.
  3. Wedding table.
  4. Wedding chair.
  5. Wedding flower stand.
  6. Wedding candle set.
  7. Wedding head table.
  8. Wedding pipe organ.
  9. Wedding arch.
  10. Wedding welcome board.


  1. White wedding wall.
  2. Wedding-party wall.
  3. Brown wedding wall.
  4. Green wedding wall.


  1. White wedding flooring.
  2. Brown wedding flooring.
  3. Green wedding flooring.


  1. Blue wedding rug.
  2. White wedding rug.
  3. Red wedding rug.

Fashion Items

  1. Cake dress.
  2. Wedding tuxedo.
  3. Wedding pumps.
  4. Wedding shoes.
  5. Bridal veil.

DIY & Miscellaneous

  1. Wedding wand.
  2. Wedding fence.
  3. Villager posters from Nook.
  4. Reese & Cyrus photo plate.

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