Empire Hunt: The Warrior – Destiny 2 Beyond Light Guide

Once you complete the open world activities of defeating 35 Fallen and the subsequent boss it lures out you will unlock a new mission called Empire Hunt: The Warrior. This mission tasks you with finding Phylaks, the Warrior in the facility on Europa. To help you complete this mission use our guide below to complete this hunt.

Find Phylaks

From the mission start spawn follow the quest markers to Nexus, Europa. Inside this area hang a right and take out the wyvern boss so you can shoot the cube to open the gate. After you’ve opened the gate proceed down the path into the Well of Infinitude.

The Well of Infinitude is basically a collection of combat rooms you need to complete. The first room is full of Fallen snipers with there being a champion one at the end. The room after that is full of shanks of different varieties. Again there is a champion at the end you will need to defeat.

Following the shank room you will play a room that is similar to the entrance to the Well of Infinitude. There are two wyverns in this room you need to defeat before you can shoot the two cubes to open the gate. This leads to the final room before the boss fight. In this room you will need to defeat the champion mech in the center.

Defeat Phylaks

Image showing Phylak, the Warrior in Destiny 2.

Once all of the rooms are cleared you will reach the final room that houses the boss fight against Phylaks. This fight takes place over three phases. Each phase moves to a different arena. The phases trigger at each third of health.

  • Phase 1: Stays on the ground you enter in. Will summon adds during the fight and will use Stasis against you.
  • Phase 2: The ground you enter the area on will disappear and you will need to head over to the raised platforms on the right. Phylak will summon adds you need to defeat first before he will come down. Defeat the adds then attack Phylak.
  • Final Phase: Same deal as phase 2 but you need to head to the left side this time. Again you will need to clear out the adds Phylaks summons. The wrinkly in this phase is that you need to use Stasis against him. Clear the adds until the Crux comes down and you can interact with it. This will charge you up allowing you to finish him off with abilities.

Upon defeat of Phylaks you will complete this mission. Phylaks will drop the Phylaksis Spinter of Darkness material. You can then head to the Exo Stranger to start the Enhanced Splinter of Darkness quest.

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