Zombotron Achievement Guide

Zombotron is a new indie title out of developer Ant.Karlov. In this game players are forced to “fight to survive on a mysterious alien planet, outwit its vicious inhabitants, and do whatever it takes to find a way off that wretched rock.” While you are trying to survive, there are achievements to gather. Below is our Zombotron achievement guide. Guide Status: Updating (5/9).

Achievement: Sniper (Throughout Game)

Achievement: Sniper

Achievement Description: “Land 100 headshots.”

This achievement can be earned throughout you playthrough. Aim for the head on enemy and take them out with a headshot (the starting pistol is good for this). Once you have 100 headshots you will unlock the Sniper achievement.

Achievement: Corpse Maker (Throughout Game)

Achievement Corpse Maker

Achievement Description: “Eliminate 500 any enemies.”

Like the Sniper achievement you will get the Corpse Maker naturally as you playthrough Zombotron. Kill every enemy you see and you will have eliminated 500 enemies in no time.

Achievement: Curious Nose (Throughout Game)

Achievement: Curious Nose

Achievement Description: “Find 30 secrets.”

Throughout Zombotron you will stumble across secrets. These secrets are hidden behind vents, crumbling walls and other areas you think look suspicious. In order to unlock the Curios Nose achievement you need to discover a total of 30 secrets. This should be easy (I found 30 without even really looking for them). Once you’ve found 30 you will unlock the Curious Nose achievement.

Achievement: First Win (Bunker)

Achievement First Win

Achievement Description: “Defeat the feral zombie.”

The Feral Zombie is the first major boss you will face off against in Zombotron. This boss is located at the end of the Bunker/Ship area. The Feral Zombie can’t really be hurt with damage head on, so you are gonna need to destroy the creatures it throws at you. When you destroy these creatures, they drop red orbs. Pick up the red orbs to have them hit the Feral Zombie, dealing crit damage. Once you’ve killed the Feral Zombie you will unlock the First Win achievement.

Achievement: Disinfector (Caves)

Achievement Disinfector
Achievement Description: “Defeat the Giant Spider.”

You will find he Giant Spider boss at the end of the second level. It is referred to as the beast by the people inside the ship. This boss fight is kind of annoying. To kill the spider you need to take out its front legs and then hit it in the face. Once you’ve got the spider down low enough it will begin to regen health. Keep hitting it with all you’ve got. Once you’ve taken out the Giant Spider you earn the Disinfector achievement.

Achievement: Undead Killer

Achievement Description: “Defeat the Infator.”

Achievement: Honorary Miner

Achievement Description: “Defeat the Stone Golem.”

Achievement: Peacemaker

Achievement Description: “Defeat the Machine Of War.”

That’s all the achievement in Zombotron. Most of them can be acquired by simply playing through the game. Good luck out there!

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