Youtubers Life 2 Streaming Guide

Once you’ve installed the Streaming Function in your Drone you will unlock a side quest called Streaming. This side quest has you run your first stream. Completing this side quest opens up the ability to stream regularly which can boost your coin income and follower count. To complete this quest use our Youtubers Life 2 Streaming guide below.

Do Your First Stream

Image showing the streaming mini-game in YouTubers Life 2.

Head back to your apartment and enter it. Once you are inside you can stream from either your Gaming Corner or PC. Approach either of the stations and hit the Start Stream button. Complete the streaming mini-game then edit and post the footage. Once you’ve posted the footage you will complete the side quest.

After the side quest is complete Xavier will call and mention a special app called Glitch. This app is installed on your phone. When you open the Glitch app you are greeted by a list of streamers and an interesting look at viewership trends. This information is very important as you can use the projections to stream at peak times. This means you can maximize revenue and viewership on streams fairly easily.

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