Youtubers Life 2 Help Dr Ermingaut Guide

Youtubers Life 2 Help Dr Ermingaut is a friendship quest players can complete for the Er-Tech owner. This friendship quest tasks players with taking the Er-Tech Inventory to the Mayoress so she sees what the inventor has been working on. To help you complete this friendship quest use our Youtubers Life 2 Help Dr Ermingaut guide below.

Take Er-Tech Inventory to Mayoress

Image showing helping Dr. Ermingaut in YouTubers Life 2.

When you reach heart level one with Dr. Ermingaut he will tell you about his problems with the Mayoress. Basically Dr. Ermingaut was hired to do a number of things for NewTube. Unfortunately he has fallen behind on communicating what exactly he has been doing and the Mayoress wants to replace him. To avoid this happening you are going to help him.

After the conversation concludes you will receive the Er-Tech inventory. Take this book and go to City Hall when it is open. Go to the Mayoress and show her the book. She is convinced that Dr. Ermingaut is actually working. Return to Dr. Ermingaut and tell him the good news. He will give you the Aluminum Hat for your efforts and the quest will end.

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