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As I often do, I like to peep on the new hotness on the Steam top sellers list. Today, I noticed a game called Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles which is basically like a mashup of Zelda, Harvest Moon, and Poi. Liking all of the games listed, I figured I would pull the trigger. As I began to play Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles, I realized there are a few collectibles to find. One collectible is the Sprites. These creatures allow you to gain access to other parts of Gemea by clearing away the Murk.  Here are all the Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Sprites locations.

The Grasslands (5/5)

1. Lumie

Location: Starting Cave


2. Lock

Location: East Dock – Boat Moored


3. Grumble

Location: South Field Farm – Pile of Hay


4. Smudge

Location – Tapper/Hunter House (Must be at Night)


5. Curio

Location – Broken Shrine (Requires 12 Stone/4 Stick/4 Celium Flower)

Sunderwind Wilds (2/2)

1. Kit

Location: 3x Fox Statues – Turn to point inwards towards each other


2. Gable

Location: Head to the lumber mill here and you will find Gable (event doesn’t trigger until later in the game).

Crestfall Coast (3/3)

1. Cub

Location: Turn the two small statues to face the large statue.


2. Pitcher

Location: Inside Mocha Bay there is a sauce pan with the sprite inside.


3. Pouch

Location: Inside Mocha Bay you will meet Jubilee. Jubilee wants you yo make Festival Juice. Complete the Cooking Guild and then make the festival juice.

Hearthwind Vale (5/5)

1. Whiffy

Location: Complete the Fart Fen Bog Quest. To do this, collect 8 Moonsilk Flowers from Sunderwind Wilds.

2. Crescent

Location: On top of a stone bridge inside Bobbintoff.


3. Bolt

Location: Look for a fabric rack in the location pictured above.


4. Woodrow

Location: To get Woodrow, you need to trigger the Find The Moth Sanctuary quest. Giving Woodrow 3x, Celium, Lyabud, and Moonsilk completes the quest and has it join your party.


5. Fright

Location: Head to the location marked on the map. You will find two statues here. When facing North, turn the left state to face NW and the right statue to face SW.


Radiant Sands (2/2)

1. Shades

Location: There is a broken shrine at the map position above. You need 3x glasses to complete the shrine.


2. Shore

Location: At the map location above, there is a rock hanging. Break the rock with the sledge to reveal Shore.

Numino Peak (3/3)

1. Cete

Location: At the spot marked on the map beside a tree.


2. Fennec

Location: Beside a tree at the area on the map pictured.


3. Mian

Location: Inside Stark Caverns you will find Mian near a Celestial Ore.

Shivering Plains (3/3)

1. Vellum

Location: Head to Inglenook and look for a lady with a quest icon. Behind her is the Sprite.


2. Spike

Location: This sprite is collected while completing the Finding Arcadia main story quest.


3. Drake

Location: Above Inglenook, there is a glowing arch. Use this to crossover to the ice cap. Grab the chest here to find the sprite.

Dapplewood Forest (3/3)

1. Romp

Location: Talk to Bob in the Dapplewood Forest to receive the request for 5 Dip Fish. Bring the fish to Bob.


2. Glow

Location: At this spot on the map, you meet Polly. Polly wants a raincoat. Grab a raincoat for Polly and you get Glow.


3. Sap

Location: Fix the shrine in Dapplewood Forest to get Sap. Requirements to fix the shrine are: 10 Vine + 4 Twine.


I hope this Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Sprites location guide helped you. Let me know in the Pit if it did.


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