Xbox Reveals New Xbox Series X Console at The Game Awards

The Game Awards 2019 is a night where the gaming community gathers to show each other respect and reveal sneak peaks at coming games. One uprising sneak peek wasn’t a game but rather a console. At the start of the show Xbox gave gamers their first look at the newest Xbox dubbed the Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X First Look

While the first look at the new Xbox Series X came on The Game Awards stage, there is an even better look on the official Xbox Twitter account. The tweet shows a nice look at the new console with its new form factor that is close to that of a PC tower. As mentioned at previous conventions the new console will release in Holidays 2020.

Image showing the new Xbox Series X.

What do you think of the new look Xbox? I grabbed a screenshot from the video above which shows off the front view of the console. As you can see it has a much taller profile than previous consoles from Xbox. Do you like that it looks more PC than console? Let me hear your thoughts and comments in the comments down below.

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