Xbox Next-Gen Walkthrough Video Released

As we close in on the upcoming releases of next gen consoles both Sony and Microsoft have been revealing more and more information on what players can expect come November. Adding more information to the pile Xbox has released a 14-minute video walking through a number of aspects of the Xbox Series X/S. We take a closer look at what was shown in the video below.

Xbox Next-Gen Walkthrough Video

The video released on the official Xbox YouTube channel features a walkthrough of both the Xbox Series X/S. This walkthrough shows off the previously revealed OS that is running on the console. Alongside showing off the OS the hosts highlighted a number of new additions that are new in both the Xbox Series X/S:

  • Dynamic backgrounds.
  • Gears 5 shown off briefly to highlight better performance.
  • Showed quick resume between games.
  • Backwards compatibility: jumped from Dirt 5 to Subnautica.
  • Auto HDR: Adds HDR to games across generations.
  • Tweaks to new controllers: Textured triggers and bumpers, hybrid D-pad, Share Button, and Bluetooth technology.
  • Sharing: Sharing will be quicker thanks to the share button on the controller. Phone connectivity further helps on the sharing side as everything captured can be accessed from your phone.
  • New Xbox Mobile App: Rebuilt from the ground up. You will use this app to setup your console on day one. Your console is linked directly to you phone.
    • Remote Play: play games from your Xbox on your phone.
  • Game Pass: EA Play is coming to Game Pass.
  • Store: Redesigned with speed and performance in mind. Download speeds will be improved on the new consoles (pending your internet connection).
  • My Games & Apps: See your games library. This will be faster than previous consoles. Games have a badge indicating where you got them from (game pass, EA Play, etc.).
  • Expandable Storage: Showed off the Seagate expansion storage. Quick to pop into the console.
  • USB Hardrive: Can be plugged in as well.

That was the bulk of the demo shown off by Xbox. Overall there wasn’t a ton new shown, but it was interesting to see everything work in tandem together. The Xbox Series X/S is set to release worldwide on November 10, 2020.

Thoughts on what Xbox showed in the video above? Let me hear them in The Pit below.

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