Xbox Bethesda Roundtable Rundown (March 2021)

As of now Bethesda is part of Xbox with regulatory approval on the deal received this week. As a new member of the Microsoft family the studio is looking ahead towards its future. To do this the studio held a special Xbox and Bethesda roundtable to talk about what fans can expect going forward. If you missed the livestream don’t worry. Below you will find our complete Xbox Bethesda roundtable rundown list.

Xbox Bethesda Stream Details

Image showing the Xbox Bethesda Roundtable title screen.
Image via Xbox/Bethesda.

Note: No new games or new game news was shown during the live stream.

During the livestream members from Bethesda and members from Xbox got together and talked about the people and teams at Bethesda. Guests on the roundtable included Phil Spencer (Xbox), Aaron Greenberg (Xbox), Sarah Bond (Xbox), Pete Hines (Bethesda), Erin Losi (Bethesda), and Todd Howard (Bethesda). The group covered a wide range of topics surrounding Bethesda games and their game studios.

Livestream Discussions Topics

  • Acquisition Talk: The studio had a very good working relationship with Xbox. They were one of the first studios to begin to embrace the Gamepass model. Was an easy decision for all parties to join together.
  • Exclusivity: The goal of Xbox is to create great exclusives to Xbox customers. There will be some cross platform releases to fulfill contractual obligations.
  • Development: Through more resources and support from Xbox Bethesda can create better games. Phil wants the next slate of Bethesda releases to be the most played the studio has ever released. Xbox to help make that happen.
  • Synergy and Culture: Booty spoke on the many studios owned by Xbox and the platform’s vision. Xbox wants to keep the culture and learn from Bethesda. Long discussion about talent and corporate culture. They followed this discussion up by looking at the different studios in Bethesda. Each studio did a short video to discuss their history and joining Xbox.

The event lasted a total of 75 minutes. The topics covered were fairly interesting if you enjoy the development side of the video game industry. Given the size and impact of the Bethesda acquisition it will be interesting to see how Xbox and the studio navigate the gaming landscape going forward. The full event can be seen here. Let me know what you thought below.

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