Wilderness Guide (Demo) – Little Nightmares 2

Ahead of Tarsier Studio’s release of Little Nightmares 2 on February 11 the studio has created a demo for players on Xbox One, PS4, Steam, and Nintendo Switch to enjoy. This demo is a small slice of gameplay that tasks players with exploring the haunting wilderness area. To help you get through this section we’ve put together a Little Nightmares 2 Wilderness guide. Check it out below.


Image showing the opening of the Wilderness level in Little Nightmares 2.

After the opening hallway cutscene you will take control of your character in a haunted wilderness area next to a television set. From this starting location head to the right. Continue right until you reach a gap. Jump over the gap and continue right until you reach a grate. Open the grate by grabbing it and pulling it to the left. Once open crouch and head inside the grate through the tunnel leading to the right.

Image showing the first trap in the Wilderness area of Little Nightmares 2.

In the area after the tunnel head right past the hanging bodies and climb both ledges. To reach the higher ledge jump and press grab. Continue heading to the right along the path on top of the ledge. You will come across a fallen log. Use the log to cross the gap. Continue right and climb the next two ledges. On top you will encounter your first trap. Jump over the rope strung across the path to avoid triggering it.

Rolling Log

Image showing where the log rolls in the Wilderness level of Little Nightmares 2.

Continue to the right to reach a crate. Push off the ledge to the right then push it over to the upper ledge so you can reach it. Jump onto the crate then up onto the ledge. Keep heading to the right until you have to crouch through another tunnel. When you emerge from the tunnel start running immediately as a falling log will chase you down the hill. You want to stay on the worn path while running or your character may trip up. At the bottom of the hill the log will come to rest against two trees.

Image showing where to reach the rope in Wilderness level of Little Nightmares 2.

In the area right after the log go up the fallen log in the background to the ledge next to the rope. Jump onto the rope and grab it to swing across the gap to the right. Continue right until you reach a lever. Grab the lever and rotate it so the block lowers. Once the block is lowered all the way down jump across it to cross the gap. Head right until you reach a broken bridge. On the piece on the left walk towards the camera to drop to the ledge below. Drop to the ground then climb the broken bridge along the right wall.

Traps, Traps, and More Traps

Image showing the bear traps in Little Nightmares 2.

Keep heading right until you drop down to an area with a number of shoes on the ground. Pick up a shoe and throw it onto the ledge on the right. Climb the ledge then pick up the shoe. Throw it onto the leaf pile to your right to trigger a trap. Head right and use the lowered log to reach the upper ledge. Continue to the right until you reach an area with bear traps. Do not step on the traps. Climb over the fallen logs then take the stick out of the trap. Walk to the right with the stick in hand and use it to trigger the bear trap next to the log tunnel. Go through the tunnel.

After the log tunnel grab the stick and walk to the right. You will see a bunch of leaves. Hit the stick into the leaves to trigger more bear traps. Continue right onto the rock then jump across to the platform that has a number of pinecones. Use the pinecones on the rock to throw into the leaves on your right. This will trigger the traps creating a clear path to the rock. Go to the rock then cross the fallen log so you can reach the ladder. Climb the ladder and jump to the ledge on the right. Continue right until you reach the Hunter’s House. Enter it by climbing the crate on the front porch.

Hunter’s House

Image showing the axe location in Little Nightmares 2.

While the Hunter’s Shack appears to be full of enemies it isn’t (until the end). You can freely move about without much care. Head through the kitchen into the hallway. In the hallway you will see a half open door. Go through this door and down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs head into the room on your right. In this room jump up to the axe and grab it. Pick up the axe and drag it to the left until you reach a boarded up doorway. Break the wood with your axe and enter the room to trigger a cutscene.

After the cutscene follow the kid that runs away through the house. He will lead you to the dining room. Jump up onto the table then over to the cabinet and then up to the grate. In the next room approach the child and they will hoist you up to the pull cord. Once the cord is pulled a ladder appears leading up to the attic. Go up the ladder.


Image showing the Attic in Little Nightmares 2.

Head left in the attic until you reach a chest. Push the chest to the left with the help of the child. Jump onto the chest then onto the dresser to reach a room that has a key in it. Ignore the key for now and continue heading left over to large-doored cabinet. The child will get in position and will boost you up on to the top of it. Head left and crouch under the shelving to reach a room with a woman holding a lever. Pull the lever/arm off and then pick up and carry the lever back to the key room. The child will put the lever in place. Jump onto the body it raises then jump to the hook with the key on it to knock it to the ground. Pick up the key to trigger a cutscene.

Hunter’s Shack

Leave the attic by pulling out the drawer on the cabinet to your right. Go down the ladder to the room below and open the door on the right that has the lock on it. Head through this door so you’re outside. Continue right to reach a hunting shack. Push the large crate inside it to the right so you can reach the hole in the wall. Once through the hole you will encounter the Hunter enemy.

Escaping the Hunter’s Shack

Image showing escaping the Hunter's Shack in Little Nightmares 2.

The Hunter is currently preoccupied with plucking a duck so you simply need to crouch and walk to the right of the room until you reach a board you can push outward. This will make a sound and will alert the Hunter. You will tumble outside and the Hunter will start chasing you.

To survive the chase run to the right and hide at every crate there is on along your path. Each time you hide at a crate wait for the Hunter to shoot then move right to reach the next crate. At the end of this sequence there is a ledge you can drop down and hide under until the Hunter moves past to the right. When the coast is clear the child will extend their hand to you. Take it and head to the right. Crouch your way through the field and pause whenever the Hunter shines the light in your direction. At the end of the field there is a hole. Go through the hole to end the level.

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