Where to Turn in Wanted Bounties in Outriders

During your playthrough of Outriders you will come across a number of special targets called bounties. These special Wanted bounties task you with killing a specific target in the different levels. Once you’ve taken out a target you may be wondering what you need to do to turn it in. Below I show you where to turn in Wanted bounties in Outriders.

Wanted Bounties Turn in Location

Image showing Where to Turn in Wanted Bounties in Outriders.

Each time you complete a Wanted Bounty in Outriders you need to visit a specific NPC named Ujio. Ujio can be found inside the Trench Town Saloon. He sits in the back room of the Saloon and has a gold checkmark over his head when a Wanted Bounty can be turned in. When you speak to Ujio simply select the “I’m here to close a contract.” option to turn in your bounties. Turning in one of these bounties will net you XP and a lot chest.

There are a total of 10 Wanted Bounties for players to complete currently in the game. These 10 bounties are found in the following locations: Rift Town, First City, Eagle Peaks, Deadrock Pass, Wreckage Zone, Quarry, Forest Enclave, The Stronghold, Ancient Ruins, and The Gate. Besides the various rewards for completing the quests there is also an achievement for completing all 10 Wanted bounties. This achievement is called Hand of Death.

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