Where to Turn in Historian Collectibles in Outriders

During your playthrough of Outriders you will come across a number of special collectibles called historian items. These special items are collectibles located in and around the world. Once you’ve grabbed one of these collectibles you be wondering what you need to do to turn it in. Below I show you where to turn in Historian collectibles in Outriders.

Historian Collectibles Turn in Location

Image showing the Historian Collectibles Turn in Location.

Each time you complete find a special Historian collectible you need to visit a specific NPC named Madame Beauvoir. Madame Beauvoir can be located in Rift Town where she runs a stall. You may have noticed her map marker is a golden book. When you have a collectible to turn in this book turns into a golden checkmark. To turn in collectibles speak to Madame Beauvoir and select the collectible name text option to turn give that item to her. Turning in one of these collectibles will net you XP and a lot chest.

There are a total of 10 Historian collectibles for players to find currently in the game. The 10 collectibles are found in the following locations: Rift Town, First City, Eagle Peaks, Deadrock Pass, The Gate, Dunes, Canyon of the Grand Obelisk, Pax City, and The Caravel. Look for yellow books on your map to know where to find them. Besides the various rewards for completing turning in the collectibles called The Burdens We Bear.

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