Where to Find the Strange Altar in Mortal Shell

Mortal Shell is a punishing game with many enemies and bosses that will kill even the most hardened of players. While the base itself is rather difficult, there is a way to make the game even harder by finding and using the Strange Altar. To help you up the challenge in your game use our where to find the Strange Altar in Mortal Shell guide below.

Find the Strange Altar in the Fallgrim Marshes

Image showing how to reach the Strange Altar in Mortal Shell.

To reach the Strange Altar head to the swamp portion of the Fallgrim hub. This area can be found to the left of the Fallgrim Tower (when facing away from it) or to the right of Fallgrim Tower when facing it in the large open section of the area. Make your way through the camp of enemies here to reach the swamp.

Image showing the Strange Altar location in Mortal Shell.

In the swamp area there is a toad NPC called Gorf you can speak to in a cave pathway. Ignore Gorf and go through the cave he resides in. Once through the cave head forward to the swamp bank you see straight in front of you. On this swamp bank there is a tunnel hole you can enter that is covered by wood. Destroy the wood and crawl through the hole to reach the Strange Altar.

What Does the Strange Altar in Mortal Shell Do?

Image showing the Strange Altar in Mortal Shell.

You may be wondering what exactly the Strange Altar does. Well using the Altar causes you to renounce your Mortal Shells. This means you will not have the benefits of using a shells health and abilities. Instead you will simply be the squishy shell inhabitant. This sort of challenge run is recommended solely for players that want to face a steep challenge.

Since you are in the vicinity of another NPC you may want to check out our Mortal Shell endings guide. While I won’t spoil much else here note it is a pretty fun ending that takes only a few minutes to unlock. It has zero effect on your game state so check it out when you get the chance.

That’s all you need to know to find the Strange Altar in Mortal Shell. Does the idea of completing this game without a shell appeal to you? Are you going to do the challenge? Let me know in the comments down below.

This post is part of our larger Mortal Shell guide and walkthrough. Check it out if you need more help finding all weapons, bosses, side quests, items, and other secrets in the game.

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