Where to Find the Pig Mask in Watch Dogs Legion

In Watch Dogs Legion there are a number of cosmetic items players can acquire to change the look of their operatives. Many of these items are basics things like pants, shirts, hats, and shoes while other items are more unique. One of the more unique items to change your look is to don a mask. One mask that seems to be popular is the pig mask. Learn where to find the pig mask in Watch Dogs Legion below.

Pig Mask Location

Image showing where to find the Pig Mask in Watch Dogs Legion.

The location of the Pig Mask in Watch Dogs Legion is inside The Earl’s Fortune safehouse. This safehouse is accessed during the second story mission called Restart DedSec. When you are in the safehouse you will need to turn on Bagley’s server on the platform above. Next to the server is the pig mask laying on the platform. To acquire the mask simply walk over to it and hit interact. This will add the mask to your inventory.

How to Equip a Mask

Image showing How to Equip a Mask in Watch Dogs Legion.

Masks can be equipped through using the DedSec Shop. These vending machines are your one stop shop for buying clothing and equipping it. For masks you want to access the Wardrobe Tab. Here you will find a Masks option. From this screen you can equip any of the masks you currently have available in your inventory.

That’s all you need to know to get the pig mask in Watch Dogs Legion. This item is just one of many wardrobes items hidden throughout the world. Our Watch Dogs Legion guide hub is full of guides showing where to find these items.

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