Where to Find the Mango in Mortal Shell

In Mortal Shell there are a number of food items players can find and consume. These food items often provide health and stamina benefits to the player when eaten. There is one food item that you may have trouble finding and that’s the Mango. To learn where to find this ripe fruit use our guide showing you where to find the Mango in Mortal Shell below.

Where is the Mango in Mortal Shell

Image showing where to go to get the Mango in Mortal Shell.

To find the Mango in Mortal Shell you want to make your way to the third floor section of the Seat of Infinity so you reach the floating stone path that heads towards the Shifting Archives. Head forward on the floating stone path until you reach a hammer enemy standing in-between two paths going up. Instead of going up the paths go behind the enemy so you are on the paths behind him.

Image showing where to drop to get the Mango in Mortal Shell.

On this path turn so you are facing the underside of the ramps going up and head beneath the one on the right. You will see a piece of stone jutting out. Stand on it and look down to find a stone square floating way below you. Drop off the ledge so you land on the stone with the chest. Inside the chest is the Mango item. When this item is consumed you gain a small boost to health.

That’s all you need to know to find the Mango item in Mortal Shell. This item is fairly hidden so finding it on your own can be a bit of a pain. Hopefully the guide above helped you locate the Mango for yourself without much trouble. As always leave me a comment below on what you thought of this guide.

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