Where to Find the Forbidden Offering in Mortal Shell

In Mortal Shell you can upgrade your Resolve by finding a specific upgrade item called the Forbidden Offering. This item is somewhat hidden in the game and can be hard to find if you don’t look for it. To ensure you don’t miss this important upgrade consult our where to find the Forbidden Offering in Mortal Shell guide below.

Where to Find the Corrupted Sester Merchant

Image showing where to find the Corrupted Sester in Mortal Shell.

The Forbidden Offering is sold by an NPC merchant called the Corrupted Sester. This NPC is hidden beneath the entrance to the Seat of Infinity in a room inside the obsidian tower. To reach this room head to the entrance of this tower in the Fallgrim Outskirts. While facing the stairs at the entrance head to the left of them and follow the along the side of the tower until you reach a hole leading into a room. Inside this room is the Corrupted Sester.

How to Get and Equip the Forbidden Offering

Image showing where to find the Forbidden Offering in Mortal Shell.

Like other merchants in this game the Corrupted Sester sells numerous items players can purchase using Tar. All of the items she offers are unique to her including the Forbidden Offering. To get the Forbidden Offering you will need to buy it for 3,00 Tar.

Once purchased take the Forbidden Offering to the nearest workbench and use it as an offering to your Tarnished Seal. Upon completing this upgrade you will receive a boost to your resolve acquisition while you are fighting. This upgrade is especially useful if you like using weapon abilities regularly.

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