Where to Find Course ID in Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker 2 is basically all about one thing, making ridiculously difficult levels to challenge your friends to complete. After you’ve published your sadistic masterpiece, you may be wondering how to get people to play it. Well your published masterpiece has a Course ID. This guide will show you where to find Course ID in Super Mario Maker 2.

Where to Find Your Course ID?

Image showing a Course ID.

After you’ve created a level in Course Maker, you will get the chance to publish it so the general public can play. Once you’ve uploaded a course you will see its Course ID pop up briefly. You can take a screenshot of this screen for future reference if you feel like it.

Image showing the uploaded courses screen on the Maker Profile.

If you missed the screen above for whatever reason, fear not. The alternative way of viewing your Course ID is to simply navigate to Course World. Once on the Course World main page you can select your Maker Profile (with Y button). On you Maker Profile you can navigate to Upload Courses to view courses you’ve uploaded and their Course IDs.

Hopefully you found this Course ID guide helpful. As you can see the process of finding your own Course IDs is fairly simple. Good luck making courses! If you make anything good, drop the ID in the comments below!

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