Wheels In Motion – Watch Dogs Legion Guide

When you complete all of the red activities in an area of Watch Dogs Legion you will unlock an additional mission that needs to be completed to trigger the Defiant state. For the Lambeth area this mission is called Wheels In Motion. To help you complete this mission we’ve put together the guide below.

Side Mission Information

Image showing the Wheels In Motion mission in Watch Dogs Legion.

You are able to start this mission the moment you complete the three red activities in the Lambeth area. Once these activities are completed the Wheels In Motion mission will appear on the map in the area. Head to the side question location to begin this mission.

Side Mission Giver: DedSec Informant.

Rewards: Drone Expert+; Tech Points locations revealed in area.

Hack Drone, Destroy Targets, and Hack Server

Once you’ve met and spoken to the DedSec Informant you will learn there is boat nearby that houses an Elite Drone. Make your way to this boat and take control of the drone by interacting with the console on it. Once you have control of the elite drone you will need to complete two objectives. The first objective is to destroy four targets along the banks of the river. Fly over to these targets and destroy the gas containers to neutralize the targets. Once that’s done you will need to fly to the middle of the ferris wheel where there is a server you can hack. Hack the server then survive until the upload hits 100% coming from the nearby clock tower.

Upon interacting with the server you will clear this mission. This will reward you with the Drone Operator+ Operative and will cause the Tech Points locations to be revealed for the area.

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