Every month, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS drops a new update on fans that brings new features. Today, August 3rd, we receive such and update. So what exactly is featured in this month’s update? I’m glad you asked internet friend. Coming in at a staggering 5.3GB download, the new PLAYERUNKNOWN’S update features some new additions. Let’s take a look at what’s new in PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS August update.

1. First Person Servers

What has been a long time coming is finally here. Fans of playing the PUBG experience in first person, now have the opportunity to do so with other like minded individuals. To access a FPP match, simply navigate to the Play menu and select from either SOLO FPP or Duo FPP.

2. New Weapon

If you were bored of the same old weapons being dropped in care packages, there is now a new weapon for you to collect. The Mk14 EBR is a Marksman Rifle that can only be obtained through Carepackage drops. This weapon is classified as a sniper rifle and takes 7.62mm bullets as well as sniper rifle attachments.

3. New Crates

In what has been marred in controversy, there are new crates to unlock. Now players have the chance of unlocking Gamescom Invitational Crates (requires a Key), or Random Weekly Crates (Wanderer or Survivor). Unlocking new crates gives you access to Battle Royale inspired cosmetic items.


The below text is taken directly from the PUBG patch notes found on the Steam News Page:

Server Optimization:

  • Optimized fences, doors, and windows
  • Optimized vehicle physics

Client Optimization:

  • memory usage for world objects
  • Optimized terrain rendering
  • vehicle physics
  • Optimized User Interface

Items and Vehicles:

  • Added a lower rail attachment slot to SKS
  • You may now honk a car horn when sitting in the driver’s seat with Left Mouse Click
  • Decreased the chance of vehicle explosion after the vehicle gets stuck in objects
  • Vehicle driving sound will change slightly in FPP and TPP modes
  • Added new sound effects for motorcycle tire screech while driving
  • Eliminated firing delay of S1897 from pump action after reload
  • Improved effects of boats
  • Added spark effect to flat tires
  • Reduced cast time of First Aid Kit / Painkiller to 6 seconds
  • Reduced cast time of Med Kit / Adrenaline Syringe to 8 seconds


  • Added more features and hot keys to the Options Menu
  • Added new option for V-Sync
  • You may now designate a maximum of two different keys for each key bind
  • Added new option to set toggle on certain actions and features
  • You may now use Mouse wheel up/down as one of your key binds
  • Added new keybinds, such as all mute (Ctrl+M) and switching Voice Channel (Ctrl+Y), and a new option to adjust the volume of voice chat
  • Added new keybinds to use specific throwables
  • Colorblind Mode
  • Added an FOV slider for 1st person view
  • Added some region names to the mini map
  • new option to display helmet, vest, and backpack equipped on HUD UI. This HUD UI will be updated further in the future
  • Added new option to display all equipped weapons on the right side of the screen. This UI will be updated further in the future

Bug fixes:

  • Partially fixed client crash issues
  • Fixed an issue of weapons sporadically ceasing to fire despite being set to auto firing mode
  • You may not use consumables in vehicles underwater
  • Fixed bugs below while spectating another character
  • A character appeared to be shaking when the character moves around
  • Camera swing when a character scopes while walking
  • Camera swing when a character peeks left or right while scoping
  • A character appeared to be shaking when the player moves his mouse while scoping in Prone
  • Characters farther than 500m away from a vehicle will no longer hear the tire screech sound
  • Fixed post-process bug underwater in FPP mode
  • Fixed an issue of the reloading sound getting played repetitively after dropping a weapon while reloading
  • the probability of getting rainy weather to previous value
  • Fixed a bug where a character could not equip attachment with full inventory
  • Fixed a bug where weapons would continue to play looped reload animation even after canceling the reload
  • a bug where a character could see through the other side of wall when scoping or crouching against certain walls
  • Fixed a bug where a character sitting on objects inside of certain buildings could see through ceilings and walls
  • Fixed sporadic issue of disabling in-game UI
  • Eliminated bombing outside of Red Zone
This concludes our rundown of the PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS August Update. Let me know what you think in The Pit below.



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