What’s For Sale in the Valorant Store Today – June 8

The new free to play title from Riot Games, Valorant, features a number of purchasable items through the in-game store. These items allow players to customize different things like the look of weapons, weapon animations, and more. What items are for sale are constantly changing so check the page below to learn what’s for sale in the Valorant store today.

Valorant Store Featured and Offers Today – June 5

Image showing the Valorant Store Featured and Offers Today on June 2.

The store in Valorant can be accessed through the in-game client. On the main screen you will see a Store tab. Access this tab to purchase the various skins and items available. Currently the items you can buy are split between the Featured and Offers. Featured collections last days while the Offers change daily. To see what’s for sale right now check out the lists below.

Featured: Prime Collection (7,100 VP)

  • Guardian.
  • Melee.
  • Spectre.
  • Classic.
  • Vandal.
  • Buddy: Prime Buddy.
  • Card: Prime Card.
  • Spray: Prime Brick.


  • Galleria Classic (875 VP).
  • Galleria Guardian (875 VP).
  • Aristocrat Sheriff (875 VP).
  • Rush Ares (875 VP).

Each day this list will be updated so check back often to see what new items are available for sale in Valorant today. Let me know what items you picked up or want in the comments down below.

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